It’s OPEN.

It truly is spring, as the Aldergrove Drive-in theatre is now OPEN.

The Twilight is the only drive-in theatre in the Lower Mainland,  now that the Hillcrest drive-in is closed.  The Twilight is located on 260th Street & Fraser Highway in Aldergrove a.k.a. Langley. I can’t wait to take the kids this year.


CHILD (5-12): $7.50

SENIOR (65+): $9.50

TUESDAY: $9.50 (general admission)*

THURSDAY: regular admissions up to $28.00/carload (max 5 people)*

*Check out the Cloverdale/Langley/Surrey Facebook Page for more Event Information.

The Hillcrest used to be located on Fraser Highway where the PriceSmart shopping centre and lovely Hillcrest townhouse complex now are.  The Hillcrest is the drive-in that my parents used to take us to in the 1966 cherry red Ford Fairlane.  We would wear our jammies, take our pillows and just giggle the whole time about doing it.

It was always such an adventure.

This muscle car was the car that I learned  to drive in when I was 16.   I remember being stressed that it was such a big car.  I used to complain about it’s size, that is until my parents informed me that when they bought it in 1966, it was considered a mid-size car. Ha, the Ford just barely fit in the Pattullo bridge lane.  I still vividly remember taking the car out and upon my return, my Dad checking it for scratch marks.  You can’t blame him, it was in mint condition.  No wonder it took me until I was 18 to get my license.

I think the licensing driver passed me because he liked the car, he wouldn’t stop asking me questions about it, then saying WOW right after I told him every answer.  Shouldn’t he have been asking me questions regarding road safety?

Do you remember going to a drive-in theatre in your P.J.’s as a child?  What is your favourite drive-in movie memory? Which car did you learn to drive in?  What was the first car that you ever owned?



  1. I remember going to the drive-ins and seeing Indian Jones! Great memory 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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