Growing Pains without Kirk Cameron

Just when you think you have this whole parenting thing down pat, you realize that there truly is a learning curve for everyone in this experience.

Lately Jackson has been waking us up in the middle of the night.  Jackson has been complaining that his feet have been hurting.  Immediately the Man and I thought of growing pains.  We both remember them vividly.  I used to get achy ankles and the Man used to get some sore legs and feet.  My Man comes from a long line of wide-footed men, so we were not surprised that Jackson’s feet were sore.  I remember massaging my own, as that was one of the only things that you could do for it.  So, I massaged Jackson’s feet until he felt better.  Lately, he has been coming into our room in the wee hours, with achy feet begging for a massage.  I have sleepily complied.

On the weekend I decided to hit the kid shoe sale.  Jackson is very hard on his shoes, the light up shoes no longer lite up (walked through a puddle DAY 2),  and I had heard that the exact same on he loves were on sale.

Off we went.

The salesperson offered to measure his foot, I took her up on that offer.  Turns out his feet are a 2 1/2, that’s 3 sizes bigger than the shoes he is wearing, from an 12 to a 2 1/2.  We were into single digits now.  Seriously.  I felt like that bad parent. In less than 6 months his feet had grown that much?!

We found the only size 3 in his beloved shoe.  Guess what?  Couldn’t find the other foot.  I scoured the store, the salesperson scoured the store, the manager scoured the store.  I convinced the manager to let us have the latest version of the shoe with the same sale price, the manager agreed and threw in another $20. off for the hassle.  Thank you Shoe Company, we will be back.  Now came the tough part, would Jackson settle for the orange pair?

Finally, Jackson relented to getting the orange pair, as long as we ordered a pair of the green ones from another store, for his inside shoes for school.    SOLD.

Seriously. How did I not notice?


Old pair with foot.

Not too much wiggle room there.

New pair with foot.

Is this normal or abnormal?  Any bets on how long this pair will last? How fast are your children’s feet growing?  What is the fastest that your child has grown out of something?


  1. Hehe! I have been there with the way too small shoes! 🙂

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