Girl’s Night Out with Gio

I am always the last one on the list for anything. Last one to get a haircut.  Always needing a dye job.  Never shopping for myself.  Always for the kids.  Moms are all the last ones on the list to do something for themselves.  I admit to it.

This time I decided to do something for myself & to take my Mom with me.

Willowbrook Shopping Centre is holding it’s annual Girl’s Night Out this April 6 & 7, 2011.  Two fashion filled evenings featuring interactive style workshops, complimentary desserts and beverages, great prizes, a CARGO Cosmetic gift, and tons of styling tips from a very charming and funny stylish Giovanni Amenta of Pink and Grey.

Here is my take on a couple of the trends that are on Gio’s hot list this spring :

Monochromatic white.  Gio recommended using different textures that compliment each other, to keep it fresh and interesting.  The key to wearing white is finding your shade of white.  I learned that you are wearing the right white if your teeth & the whites of your eyes don’t look yellow against it.

Sheer is in this spring.  It’s still sexy but not MTV sleezy.  To keep the sexy and not slide over to the slutty side, wear a camisole, bando top, or even a nice bra (if you’re 20) under the sheer top.

Pajama chic was still something that may be hard for me to embrace.  It’s looks flirty and fun but I still need to be convinced.

Stripes are in.  Which stripes make you look bigger? Horizontal or vertical? Actually it’s not necessarily the way the strip goes as much as the width & design of it.  Varying sizes help break up the effects of stripes.  Stay away from the horizontal nautical stripe, the only definite strip to make you look wide.  Great if you are very slim.

70’s style is back with a twist.  High waisted pants & Twiggy inspired looks look great with platform heels and some funky stylish clogs.  I am REALLY wishing I bought those platform clogs from Lush on Ventura Blvd. now.   I just thought that it would be impractical, you know, running after my kids in platform clogs.  Not good.

Citrus colours are trending this spring.  Orange, lemon, lime, even grapefruit add pop to your spring wardrobe.

Big bangles are back.  Relive your ’80s accessories and bring them back into your wardrobe.  Just make sure to keep the number uneven.  Wear 3, 5, or 7 big bangles to finish off your look.

Halters are always fun in the spring but not if you have large shoulders.  Not sure?  Just remember to keep the straps wide if you are unsure of the look on you.

Full skirts are the rage.  Love the look of Mad Men women? This style trend is reminiscent of the great ladies of the 50’s. Imagine you are Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera and twirling about in all her fabulousness.

Cat’s eye glassess are oh so stylish again.  I am still trying to find my perfect pair of actual perscription glasses that have a bit of cat’s eye.   Don’t know if you need a smaller size or bigger size of eyeglass? Just remember that your glasses need to be as wide as the largest part of your face.  You can’t lose with this legend. Hello Risky Business Raybans, where have you been my old friend.  If in doubt, remember nobody’s face is wider than those Jackie O style sunglasses.

Lastly bling it up with some sequins.  Make it the sprinkle on your outfit.

If you are wanting a more complete list straight from Gio himself, check it out on the Willowbrook website here.

Mom & I at Girl's Night Out.

The Closet of Trends


Prizes. Lots of Prizes.

Desserts. Should I?

Maybe just a picture with the Desserts.

Oh YES I Did!

Coffee. Of Course.

Gotta Love Gio.

We had a fabulous time, great tips, great laughs and some great Mom-time.

Sometimes it’s just nice to take some time for Mom.  What do you do for yourself?   What would you like to do?  How do you make time for yourself?


  1. Love the pictures of you guys! 🙂 I love a night out!

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