B.C. Farm & Agricultural Museum

Nestled in the heart of Fort Langley is the B.C. Farm and Agricultural Museum. This little museum in Fort Langley has a very unique collection that consist of many steam engines, tractors, a single cylinder engine, buggies,  a milk cooler, wash stand, and other various dairy and farm equipment.  The museum also holds  B.C.’s first crop dusting plane on display.

Buggies & Crop Duster

There is something for every little or big mechanical mind at the museum.  I was first introduced to the museum by my co-worker Eddie.  Many of our residents that worked on farms or had been on a farm, reminisced as we walked through the museum.  I believe that our residents would  have stayed there all day if we would have let them, everything was so interesting to look at.

The B.C. Farm & Agricultural Museum also participates in Fort Langley’s May Day parade.

Tractors & Engine.

If you have ever been to the Campbell Valley Regional Park during it’s Country Celebration, you may have heard puffing and chugging of engines at work.  These are some of the working machines from the museum that the volunteers display.   The working tractors usually hold quite a captive audience of children.   Jackson and Easton both got a kick out of being allowed to pull the string and make a very loud vintage steam horn blow.

Wood sawing machine.

It is not everyday you can see the 100 different pieces of barbed wire or even get to explain a rare two-headed calf to your children. Don’t be like me and forget to take a picture of your children on the buggy.

The Museum is now open from April 1 to OCTOBER 10, 2011 (Thanksgiving Day).

Hours: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

ADMISSION: Adults: $6.00; Seniors & Teens: $4.00; Adult Groups: $5.00

School & Senior Groups: $3.00; Children 6 – 12: $3.00

Children 5 and Under: FREE

Have you ever visited the Museum or seen the machines at the Campbell Valley fair?  What did you like about the museum? What amazed your children the most?  Is that two-headed calf real?

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