Wednesday of a Few Words- My Karate Kid

When I was looking into registering Jackson in martial arts, the obvious choice was Karate.  He may be a blue-eyed, blonde haired boy but he is still a quarter Japanese with one of his middle names being Akira.  If I was going to drop the Tanaka, then I was definitely going to inject some Japanese heritage somewhere in his name.  Heh.

Just received his red stripe. Awkward smile.

I thought Karate would be a fun way for Jackson to pick up some Japanese terminology and learn respect.   I love that the purpose of his karate dojo “is to allow the students a tool to develop their characters and to help them become better people”.

I also have visions of my little guy being like the sensitive Ralph Macchio in the 1984 Karate Kid.

You know-Wax on…wax off.

Then I picture Mr. Miyagi saying his simple explanation, when Daniel (Ralph Macchio) asks about what type of belt Mr. Miyagi has.  But I picture him saying it to Jackson, sort of like this…


Karate here (taps his head).

Karate here (taps his heart).

Karate never here, understand? (points to belt)

Karate Plank.


Running & Blocking.

Getting his red stripe. NEVER wash the belt.

Handsome in his Gi.


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