One Little, Two Little, Three Little…


I thought we did it this season, you know, beat the plague.  Just when I thought spring had sprung, so did the usual plague.  It just kills me how often children get sick and spread their loving sickness throughout the family.  I was informed by my doctor that it’s an average of 10-20 times a child will have a illness, in a cold season.  I have been trying to comfort my new-to-be-mom friends, that’s it’s not rare that their immune systems are taking a beating.  When you have children, you have little petri dishes of germs running/crawling around your house.   I should be so lucky that it hasn’t really hit us hard, just recently have we had to battle it and really I have seen worse in this family.

Surprisingly only the Man, who never gets sick, got really ill this cold season.  I lovingly quarantined him to our room and directed the lil’ monkees to avoid using our bathroom.  I also lovingly sanitized frequently & used the sanitizing setting on the dishwasher.  Hand sanitizer was our friend.

I am by no means a doctor but here are a few tips that may help to stop the spread of the plague within your house:

A. Prevention begins with basic hygiene:  Hand washing is a ‘survival skill’ in our house.  Teach your children, big & little, how to properly wash their hands.

B. Try to avoid touching mouths, noses, or eyes.  These are areas that those pesky cold germs usually are transmitted through.

C. It’s almost impossible but try to teach your kids not to share, as in guzzling milk from the container (the Man) or each other’s cups of water/liquids.  No double-dipping of veggies or fruit or chips. (Costanza of Seinfeld)

D. Try to teach your children and family members that they should cover their mouths with a tissue when they cough or sneeze, and dispose of the tissue themselves.  Trying to cough in our elbow crease or sleeve is great, until the lil’ monkees wipe their wet germy sleeves on the couch.

E. Avoid sharing personal items like toiletries, towels, and pillows. i.e. toothbrush, razor  *ahem* (the Man).  I know I drool on my pillow.  I admit it.

F.  This is a tip I took from my good friend.  Use a quick squirt of hand santizer after visiting public places. i.e. grocery stores, restaurants, etc.  How many times have you witnessed a parent desparately shopping for food, looking ill with a sick child in the cart. I know, when you are desperate for groceries you have to go.

Unfortunately, when you are caring for someone who is contagious, it’s highly likely you will get it as it’s like “closing the barn door after the horse has already gotten out”.  By the time symptoms appear, you have already spread your plague gifts around.  Great example of sharing. Heh. As we start to feel better at the  monkey abode, we wish everyone good luck and hope that the plague season has ended for now, for everyone.  Hopefully it ends just in time for allergy season!

What are some of your tips or tricks for avoiding the plague’s of the cold season?  Do you have some effective cold remedies for children?  Please feel free to share them in the comments section.




  1. I am a washing your hands before you eat fanatic. I didn’t always used to be but have now turned into one, lol! {hugs}

  2. Hand washing is definitely your friend. Its what they teach us at nursing school, its the universal precaution. Hope everyone in your family will feel better soon.

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