Mad Dash Movies

I am kind of sad about not working on Saturdays anymore. Crazy talk isn’t it!?

I am very happy about having more family time with both my children and the Man.  I am also very happy to feel like more of the Rehabilitation Team, as I was the only therapist in on Saturday.  The biggest reason I am sad about not working on Saturdays, besides my morning wake up call to my good friend T, is that my Monday Mad Dash Movies are probably not going to be happening anymore.

Wondering what Monday Mad Dash Movies are?

It’s my term for my good friend calls me or texts me, say around 4pm, and says that’s she’s had ENOUGH and we hurriedly check out our Cineplex apps and see if we either have enough Scene points for a FREE movie, or if there is a great flick that we NEED to see.  That. Night.

Seriously though, I think we just go for the popcorn.

Nothing is better than a large bag of popcorn layered by Miss Titanic, sprinkled with a bag of M&M peanuts, washed down with a sugary pop. Sometimes diet sometimes not.

Even if it’s a bad movie, we at least have had our little escape away from the world of Mommy.  Where we are just two people, usually the only two people, in the movie theatre watching the latest movie at the last scheduled time.  It’s not the most ideal time to go to a movie but I have learned to really enjoy it.  As with everything in the Mommy World, sometimes you just gotta adjust to make it work. It’s the same theory that I have for working out.  Would love to run during the day but nights and early morning runs are what makes Family life run smoothly, all while keeping Mommy guilt to a minimum.

Recipe for MDM:

Kids are asleep.  Check.

Dads are probably asleep too or left to watch Sportscentre in peace.  Check.

The theatre is empty or almost empty. Check.

Mad Dash Movies=Everybody’s Happy.

What have you compromised in your life just to get a little me time?  What do you do- just for yourself?

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