Wednesday of a Few Words- Just Dance for Kids

There is a new craze exploding in the interactive gaming world- Just Dance, Just Dance 2, and The Michael Jackson Experience, and I am hopping on board.  I love games that give you a workout, without making it feel like work.  These fun games are loaded with lots of dance party fun, but the songs and moves are not necessarily appropriate for our young little monkeys.

It is virtually (pun intended) impossible to play a game without having a little monkey wanting to join in. Luckily, I found a junior version that has more appropriate songs, that don’t leave you explaining to your 5 year old what a Rockefeller Skank is.

Unfortunately, just like K-Tel’s Mini-Pops of the ’80s, you are mostly stuck with songs sung by pre-pubescent children.  There are some songs sung by the actual artists, “Hot Potato” by the Wiggles and even “Party in my Tummy” by Yo Gabba Gabba.

The most important aspect of the Kids Version of Just Dance, is that the moves can be easily replicated by your little ones.  I was really impressed at how well Easty did, considering she is the youngest that was dancing at our impromptu weekend kids party.  There was also a group setting, maximum of 4 players, that tallied the scores all together.  This was great considering some little monkeys can get quite upset if they do not come in first, at least once.

Personally,  all of us adults were howling and I have to admit it was a really great workout. Yes, it’s true, I danced to “Holiday” by a faux pre-teen Madonna wanna-be next to my 5 and 3 year old.

Guess what?

It was seriously great fun & completely “MAGIC” how it captivated the little monkeys. It captivated them so much, that the person ringing the doorbell in the background, was the Man, who somehow forgot his key and was locked out until the song was finished. Hey, I couldn’t not film the awesome booty shaking.

This is not a paid review. It was just one of those things that I tried on a whim and really liked.

Honest Engine.


  1. Is that a Wii or a Kinect? I can’t quite tell. We have a Wii but no games (it was given to us). So far we just use it to connect to Netflix. 🙂 I’ve been thinking I should try to find some games for the kids.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      It was the Wii Marilyn. I have tried the Kinect, which is also cool but I nearly peed my pants- gotta do more Kiegels Heh. I haven’t tried the Netflix. Is it worth it?

  2. Looks like lots of fun for the whole family!

  3. First off.. yes Netflix is well worth it for the kids as well as the adults in the fam.. second.. that video is soooo cute!!!! I found myself dancing along with the kids!! May have to get that one!

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