Sometimes little sisters do not want to walk their older brothers to school.  Sometimes little sisters like to dilly-dally which make older brothers grumpy and late.  Sometimes they are tired. Sometimes it takes longer because their “legs are just too little”.    Sometimes little sisters want to take the car because walking the block and a half is just “too far”.

Sometimes they just don’t want to see their favourite playmate leave.

Luckily, Santa brought Easty a scooter for Christmas.  Turns out that this was perfect for walking big brother to Kindergarten.  This one is perfect, it has a solid base that has 3 wheels, 3 wheels that are perfect for a 3 year old.

Sometimes, the best part about walking big brother to Kindergarten, are the perfect scooting hills on the way home.


  1. My 2 yo often doesn’t like walking her big bro to school either. She always has me carry her. A scooter would be a lot nicer for me!

  2. Awesome idea Santa!

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