Knees Glorious Knees

It’s not quite Wordless Wednesday but if a picture says a 1000 words here is about 6000 words, plus a couple of run-on fragmented swear phrases too.

I am slowly losing a small fortune to jeans.  The last pair is Easty’s and yes her’s is also going in the knees as well.

Does my son have a very bony right knee or something, well except for pair No.2.  I kept sending him in the thinning knee jeans,trying to pass them off as fashionable, c’est Hobo Chic, Non?!?

But then he comes back with jeans like No.2.  Completely destroyed in the  knee?!

Then he goes and grows two inches in 2 weeks and is living the flood & ripped look. Totally cannot say it is hobo chic now, just total hobo.

What is this kid doing? Does he think he is living with a Mom who sews or something? It has me googling if  Hobo Chic would work with iron on patches? Do they still sell those? If they did I may have to buy an iron.

Seriously, it’s getting to the point where I want to call up Sears and ask if they sell those Toughskin jeans.

You know the one’s from way back that your Mom used to buy in desparation, they had the reinforced knees and felt  so crunchy on.  Then when you got older you realized how cheap & unstylish you were with your Toughskins on.  I think that elastic waistband made everyone’s bum look big, even if you were only 5 years old.  Who could forget that GIANT faux leather patch on the bum, touting the Toughskins label so boldly.

I NOW understand why Mom’s used to buy them.

Is it only my kids that are wearing through their jeans like nobody’s business? Do they have especially bony knees or something? Can anybody find me a pair of toughskins?


  1. I tried the iron on patch routine and guess what happens.
    After about 3 washes they begin to roll and peel off. They were not a very satisfactory solution.
    Then I tried to sew the edges down to stop the rolling. Good luck. The thick glue is a needle breaker.
    It is a frustrating problem.

    I remember double knee jeans, but boy they are rare.

    Best wishes,


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