Nothing is more exciting than a book that you can enjoy reading with your son. Nothing is more brilliant than fighting your Man over who is going to read this book with your son. Nothing is more amazing than a series of books that encourage your son to want to read.

Nothing is more awesome than The Adventures of Captain Underpants.

This book won me over with this one page.

This not only reconfirms to Jackson but to everyone, even me, that really, just because someone can be silly doesn’t naturally mean that they are not innately good individuals.

George and Harold have a bucket load of energy and creativity, exactly like a certain 5 year old boy that I know. Although they do silly pranks and stunts that you hope your child will not replicate, I love that they are inventive enough to channel that energy into creating one of the greatest Superheroes of all time, Captain Underpants. The only Superhero who attacks crime by snapping his own classic tighty whiteys at the criminals while also wearing them.

Dav Pilkey does a fabulous job of understanding what type of humour a boy would appreciate. Perhaps because he based George and Harold on his own personal childhood adventures and that the character of Captain Underpants was actually created when Dave was a 2nd grader.

A word of warning: Most “proper” etiquette loving prudish individuals do not see the humour in this book. Some may even say that it encourages bad behaviour. I personally don’t think so but I thought I would just warn you anyway.

See for yourself.  It’s just good old boy humour. Ask my Man.  He agreed that if they had these books when he was younger, he definitely would have read more.


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