The Mad Hatter

I may have fallen in love again.

I think I may have fallen in love with my Baroness Ashley hats, or more like stumbled.

A couple summers ago, I bought two hats at the Langley Country Fair and I patiently waited until the fall to wear them.  At first, it was just to cover up my greys, err, whiteys that have been coming out fast and furiously.  It is always great when your hair grows fast when you have a BAD haircut but not when you have an abundance of grey white hairs, multiplying like Richmond bunnies on your head, and you need to have them dyed, fast.

In this case growing hair is not a bonus.

This fall, I stumbled upon another local craft fair, this one was at the high school near us.  I was wearing the Black, Grey, White hat (*see below) and I was stopped by this young, stylish man.  He introduced himself as Michael, the creator of my hat.  I ended up buying two more of his latest designs.

All of a sudden, I started to wear them religiously.  I never thought I was a hat person or looked good in them but here I was wearing them all the time.

Bus outings at work.

Me holding a Frizzel Chick at Aldor Acres sporting my Black, White, and Grey.

Wearing my Green, Beige, and Blue at the Apple Barn in Abbotsford.

Skating at Bose Farm wearing my Black, Slouchy hat with Blue tweed buttons on the side.

Again wearing the Black, Slouchy hat when we went to harvest our Christmas tree at Churchland Tree Farm.

This was going to be our Christmas card picture but I have NO idea where this young, cuddly couple came from or that we would be in our Sunday skating clothes.

My new favourite is this little fitted Black and Grey tweed with Black Velvet piping.

This one reminds me of Tatum O’Neal as a little girl, in Paper Moon.

What do you think?  I never thought I was a hat person. Am I crazy to think that these look good on me? Should I limit them for root coverage only?


  1. SUPER cute! I am in LOVE with your black and grey tweed one!
    I think they look good on you! Don’t limit their use…just enjoy them! 🙂

  2. Looks great!!!

  3. Arial Dalpre says:

    I have been trying to find the website for Baroness Ashley! But I just can’t seem to find it! I tried the link on the card but with no prevail… Sigh… I, too, am in love with these hats.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I don’t think they have a website, just a FB page. I wish they had a store somewhere, it’s so hard to find them at craft fairs!

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