The Learning Curve Experiment

Is there something that you love to do and you want your children to enjoy it?

Are you finding that they are interested and excited in the programs when you mention them but then the interest fades when they are in the program?

Sometimes it’s that the instructors are not great, I know that one all too well. Sometimes the program doesn’t challenge their skill.  Sometimes the other kids in the class or your child is a distraction.  Or sometimes, you just can’t figure it out.

Why do they seem so interested and then the interest fades?


Jackson has skated since he was two and he truly loved to skate.  But when we put him in lessons through parks and recreation, he started battling us on the subject.  He went from loving it to refusing to go on the ice.  It didn’t help he had a different teacher every time. It didn’t help that there was 12 other skating lesson groups of varying ages, taking lessons on the ice, at that same time.  Even the Man was a little overwhelmed by the amount of parents and children, all getting ready to go on and off the ice at the same time.  It was a zoo.

So what did we do?  We gave it a go but when the refusals from Jackson were more consistent and adamant, we stopped taking him. Why do something that he did not want to do.  Why push him to do something that we both hoped he would enjoy naturally.  We both knew pushing the issue further would be a sure-fire way to repel his interest.

Since that outcome, we took a break from skating for about a year.

Then upon discussions with my good friend, we decided to try a little experiment.  What would happen if we just went skating as a family once a week, you know, like we did as kids when we were growing up.  When there wasn’t a power skating class for 2 year olds or even 5 year olds, for that matter.  So starting in September, we went family skating every Sunday for an hour and a half.

Guess what? Our predictions were correct and we learned a valuable secret.

Here is the secret.  Here is something that I am very readily going to share with the blog-o-sphere.   Want to guarantee you have the best teachers around?  Want your children to see your enthusiasm for an activity?   If you want your child to enjoy something as much as you enjoy it, then here is the secret.

Do that something. Together. As a family.

I am so glad we did, as we then had an opportunity to enjoy a rare activity, skating outdoors.  Rarely in Vancouver, BC are there days that are cold enough to freeze the water outside.  Rarely are there enough cold days in a row to create a skating rink on a corn field.

Bose Farm.

Our new arena.

Excited to see the frozen ice field.

Acres of ice space.

Lacing up.

Adults too.

Skating with Dad.

Hanging with Mom.

Hanging with Dad.


Creating memories together is what this whole family thing is about, isn’t it?


  1. Love that advice “Do that something. Together. As a family.”


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