Christmas Berries

It was during the Christmas holidays when Jackson came running up to me stark naked. He was going to jump into the bath but instead detoured into our bedroom.

He had his *ahem* berries

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in his hands and was rolling them up and down like a Cuban cigar.

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Jacks: What are these for?

Me: Um, maybe you don’t want to be doing that Jackson. Doesn’t that hurt?

Jacks: No. What are these for? (Jackson is vigorously rolling his berries between his fingers).

I had it all pre-planned in my head, that when Jackson asked me about his body or sex, I would just defer him to his Dad, the Man, to answer all twig, berry, and sex questions. I don’t know what happened to my plan but for some reason, I said this.

Me: Well you should try to be gentle with that, that’s your scrotum. It contains sperm, which are like little fishes. All boys & men have sperm and all girls & women have eggs inside them. When you grow up, these little sperm fishes will fertilize the eggs of the girl *ahem* I mean woman that is your wife. Then a baby will grow in the woman’s, um er, wife’s belly.

Jacks: Does Lauren have eggs?
(Lauren is a 2nd grader that Jackson has so matter-of-factly stated many times, that she is the girl he will marry)

Me: Yes. Lauren has eggs.

Jacks: Because i’m going to marry Lauren and she can have my baby boy. But I better practice my reading, cause Lauren told me she is will only marry a boy who can read.

Me: Oh yes, Lauren will only marry a reader.

And with that last remark, he skipped his way to the bath with a big grin on his face.

I then wondered how many scarring points I planted in his head, that will only be uncovered by a psychologist and multiple medications in the future.


  1. Hey, you told him the truth. Better than making up some outlandish story – that would really send him into therapy later.

    Also, whatever it takes to get your kid to read, right? Go Lauren!

  2. That is so funny and VERY cute!

  3. Gosh that is just sooooooooooo true! The whole story. Trace has been rolling his cuban cigar lately and yelling “It feels good and if it feels good do it right!” I keep telling him, ummmm yes but not here in your room because nobody wants to see that. To which he replies… “How do you know mom?” That’s when I yell for Corey lol.


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