Will Tomorrow Ever Come?

Two words. Musical theatre.

Musical theatre with a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Do you think i’m talking crazy talk? Well you could be right.

The Man thought it was SO crazy that he stayed home. Well that and the fact that singing, dancing, and acting is classified as a triple threat, a triple threat that only has to have one threat, singing and he’s not going to partake.  I, on the other hand,  really enjoy theatre productions.  I love musicals.  I love dancing.  I love old movies with singing, dancing, acting.  I like to subject the lil’ monkees to some of my favourite movie musicals like:

Auntie Mame.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Wizard of Oz (although I am still scared of those monkeys).

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Easter Parade.

Singin’ In the Rain.

The Sound of Music.


Recently, I have been hitting my favourite stash of Christmas musical movies.

White Christmas.

Meet Me In St. Louis.

Holiday Inn.

The lil’ monkees have been enchanted by all of them, much to my pleasure. So much so, that I decided to attempt to take them to a show.  We have had great successes at most kids shows and just recently Disney on Ice.

But it’s just not Annie.

Annie has got to be the epitome of musicals and I was sure this was going to enchant them as well.

Actual children, actual LIVE singing and dancing performances.

It did.

It enchanted them, they leaned in to listen. They could see the orchestra. They asked about the instruments. They were wondering what was going to happen next. They got excited at all the singing.  They clapped on cue.  They danced in their seats. They questioned me about the stage. How did the stage change? Is that a carousel?  What are those (pointing to the spotlights).

Then the 90 minutes was up.  Not the show, the children’s 90 minute attention span for something new.

All of a sudden, both children were hungry.  Then Easty said she had to go pee.  I ended up staving off their requests until intermission.

Intermission. Phew. Just in time.

We decided to walk around and stretch our legs.  Go to the bathroom. Maybe get some water and a snack, as I wasn’t prepared enough to think of bringing something.  Mom snack fail. Who knew that children that devoured a huge dinner, would still be hungry two hours later?!

Then my little girl Easty decided that the pee that she had to do and couldn’t hold about 30 minutes ago, wasn’t necessary now that the washrooms were available.  That is, until my Mom who kept asking Easty to go with her to the washroom, was finished and coming out. THEN Easty needed to go. Right. Now. When there were at least 15 people in the lineup for 4 bathroom stalls. Lovely.

As I waited in the concession line up, I surveyed the display of snacks. Basically, it was all chocolate and candy.  Then I made the mistake of actually splitting the over-priced snack between my two children.  To the dismay of my son Jackson, who presumed that the whole, healthy snack of a white chocolate bar would be entirely his. And his alone.

Nothing is more awesome than your son, dressed in a snappy corduroy blazer & sweater, losing it on the floor of the theatre lobby.  Tears stained his glasses that were at this point sitting crooked on his face.  He had the look of utter hurt as I, his Mother,  dared to share HIS chocolate bar with his Sissy.  I was the meanest Mom in the whole world at that moment.  Then one taste of that chocolate and the waves of tears subsided. Phew.

I quickly hurried Easty through the bathroom routine, just in time to have one minute left to make it to our seats. I picked Easty up like a football and ran up the stairs with her.  You see, this is theatre and if you do not make the curtain call, they will not let you back in. This is where late means you will miss out.

As we settled into our seats.  I felt confidant that the second act, which is normally shorter, would pass by without incidence.  Children fed.  Children had water.  Children went to the washroom. Children got to leave their seats and release some steam.  Children had that new-ish feeling again about what was going to happen to Annie.

20 minutes in and Easty blurts out that she has to go poo.  I swear I heard snickers from some parents behind me.  My Mom and I just shook our heads in disbelief.  Was she serious?! Usually I don’t question the poo but if you leave a theatre production, they will not let you back in. It’s too disruptive. Then Jackson starting chiming in that he wanted to go home. Now.  Sounds that I have never heard before, were coming from him.  A combination whine & sigh.

What would you have done? Did we leave or did we stay?

Stay tuned for the answer tomorrow.


  1. oh I so needed that giggle…

  2. I love how little kids shout out they have to go poo. It is hysterical! I’m usually on the phone when that happens 😉


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