What Would You Do?

Have you heard of the Sunday Blues? My Man used to get them a LONG time ago, I have since cured him of them but yesterday he had to try to cure me.

As we got ready for our regular skating outing with the Monkee family, my Man noticed that someone had stolen our Costco led snowflake lights. At first I was choked, then balked that the Goombas that stole them forgot the cord. Then as we crossed the street, we realized the Goombas were just PA’s (shortened term for Punk Asses) as they had smashed them in the street in front of our house.  Damn Vandals.

Off to the rink we went and skated our troubles away.

After skating the little monkeys were hungry.  During all the Hub-Bub about the lights, Jackson being so cute and trying to look for them in the snowy front yard, the little monkeys hardly had anything to eat.

I gave Jackson a quarter to get some M&M’s peanuts from the scary turn-style candy dispensers, as I packed our skates away.  Off Jackson went, as I waited for some more little monkeys to ask for some change.

Then Jackson came back.  As I looked up to hear his concerns about not being able to crank the handle, a blonde boy approx. age 7-9 ran directly to the machine, turned it and just before he grabbed the candy, looked around.  I looked directly at him with my stink eye.  He grabbed the candy and then bolted.

Seriously?! Really?!  To me it felt like this was the kid that was going to grow up to steal my snowflakes.

Tell me what you would do.

Would you say something to the kid? Would you ignore it? Would you tell their parent/parents?

What would you do?  Tell me and then I will tell what I did/or didn’t do.


  1. I would chase him down and ask for the candy back. Most likely though the kid would ve eaten it already. So I would ask him for a quarter and then most likely he wouldn’t have one. I’d involve his parents and make the boy appologize to my kid.

  2. Since the child in question is old enough to know what he did was wrong, chances are pretty good that the parent(s) probably aren’t going to do much other than give you a hard time or perhaps if you’re “lucky” they might have him give you a forced apology (not a genuine apology).

  3. I’d just have talked my with my kid about how some people aren’t nice… and then remind her that naughtly kids get coal in their stocking 😉


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