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We have been extremely fortunate in Vancouver this November.  Any day in November where it isn’t raining, is a cue for this Monkee family to hit the outdoors.  We have had some beautiful days where the sun breaks through the clouds and it seems to illuminate everything in its path.  Nothing is more beautiful than the yellow and orange glows of the sky reflecting off the changing tree leaves.

I love these days. I can’t stop smiling and feeling slightly giddy from it all.

Unfortunately, by the time I returned home from work today there was no sunshine.  There may have been no sunshine but there also was no rain.  Nothing is more fun then taking pride in your home and cleaning up the yard.  Really, this is just an excuse for turning a chore like raking leaves and turning it into some family fun time.

Don’t Leave a Leaf A fun Autumn activity

Almost every child can help rake leaves. If you have toddlers or preschool age children, provide them with a safe small plastic rake.  If you do not have a rake, let them use their hands.  If you have damp leaves like we had today, we just put gloves on those little monkee hands.

I know my Kindergarten is strong enough and capable enough to rake quite a pile.  Just watch the rake handle, as sometimes they are not so aware of it and perhaps you may not be as well.

When Easty was a baby, we would put her on a blanket and drop a pile of leaves on her lap and always some would end up in or near her mouth.  I personally feel that a little dirt and some ruff-age is not the end of the world.  Just be careful they don’t choke, as leaves are extremely crumbly when dry.

Today was an extra special day.  We found some GIANT worms.  I love that the kids don’t mind picking them up and  putting them back into the soil.  I prefer to pick them up with gloves on but I have reluctantly picked them up with my bare hands, all for my child’s enjoyment and to rescue a worm from a fate of shrivilation.  Yes, they are slimy Jackson.

Rake the leaves into a big pile.

Then watch the fun.  Disclaimer: Please don’t let your monkee dive head-first like mine.

Sorry action shots get blurry with my iPhone. *hint *hint  to the Man for a new camera for Christmas.

Bum Drops ala Jackson.

Sometimes is just nice to relax.

And sometimes you don’t get all the leaves.

My 3 year old, Easty, also was having a great time. Easty loved to be helpful and put the leaves in the bins. I wish I had some pictures but right now Easty is in the stage of “NO pictures Mommy!”.  Easty is sick of the Momma-razzi, hence, there are no pictures of her.

This is a really great family activity that gets everyone outdoors and being productive.

Have fun and get jumping!


  1. Naomi Jesson says:

    I forgot to add that leaves make great compost material. If you have a spare corner in your yard you can compost with a simple garbage bag. Here are some tips. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/356875/the_lazy_mans_guide_to_leaf_composting.html


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