Have you heard of Momversation?

Momversation is this great site where “real women share insights into the issues that affect us”. 

Currently they are looking for new Mom Blogger’s that are “shining stars” that perhaps have not been discovered yet. 

I am not looking for a nomination, we have all seen my McMom’s footage,  but I really think that it would be great to have a Canadian Westcoast voice to add to their Momversation. 

Here are some of my favourite Mommy Bloggers from the Westcoast that I think many of you should check out.  Most of them I had the honour of meeting at the Maple Leaf Roundtable. If you like them, please nominate them.

Amber Strocel of www.strocel.com

Nicole Christen www.myrealreview.blogspot.com and of  http://canadianmomblogger.com

Cari Snell www.canigettherecipe.com

Kerry Sauriol www.crunchycarpets.com

Stephanie Lee www.thetsunamimommy.com

Jodi Shaw www.rantsnrascals.com

Erica Wells www.mommy.girlgetstrong.com

Jen Ford www.shoelessmommy.blogspot.com

Wendy Irene www.givelovecreatehappiness.com

Gwedolyn Floyd www.leftcoastmama.net

Gail Johnson www.blushmom.com

Dana Cole www.mizdinah.blogspot.com

Marilyn http://www.alotofloves.com/

So if you get a chance. Check out these great Mom bloggers that are from our lovely Westcoast.


  1. Thank you! I think you should definitely be a part of Momversation!!! I love your blog!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      You would be great Wendy- you have charisma & are very photogenic!
      Yes and No for me. I would love to have a chance at being better in front of the camera but I am seriously can’t watch myself. I shall never be an actor!

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