Books That Parents Love Too.

Books are always welcomed at our house, especially now that Jackson is learning to read. I love that Jackson’s Kindergarten class also has a reading program.  After reading so many books, he can get a bookmark, a pencil, and then eventually get to choose his own book to keep.

Jackson’s first book is Ten Pens written by Su Yi Kim.  Illustrated by Steve Salerno. It is a great first read and one that he can easily read to his sister and us.

When we go to the library, we can be there for hours. The only dilemma is that I don’t enjoy making too many “donations” to my local SPL library.  Leading me to create our own library at home.

Recently, I went Christmas shopping at our local bookstore.  The only thing I love more than shopping for books, is shopping for books with my teacher friends.  They are a wealth of book knowledge and I love to tap into it any chance I can get.

This is the little gem that I purchased, just for myself.

“It’s a Book” by Lane Smith.

There is a little more to the actual book but I can tell you that it’s one of my NEW favorites, especially page 3.

What’s your favourite children’s book?


  1. Right now I love the book A Snowgirl Named Just Sue!

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