Happy “Hoochie” Halloween

A brand new gigantic Halloween store opened up on Fraser Highway (the former location of one of the first Winners in the Lower Mainland-just an interesting tidbit that I thought all Winners shoppers would appreciate).    Jackson had spotted the sign one day and mentioned that he wanted to go there to look for more Halloween decorations.  Let me update you on Jackson’s idea of Halloween decorations: they do not include skulls, motion detecting human size ghouls, bloody body parts, or creepy looking rats. Basically, if it isn’t smiling and very colourful then it’s a NO.

On my way home from work, I decided to pop in to check to see how kid Jackson-friendly the store was.  People really go all out to celebrate this ghoulish night and I mean ALL out. I walked into the store to a bloodied life-size zombie creature crawling towards me.  I jumped. I let out a yelp.  People laughed at my display of scaredy cat-ness.   I actually witnessed two adults purchasing a very fangy green baby that would howl while moving around the floor.  SHIVERS. This is from a woman who has yet to venture in the horror movie section.  I freak-out  at the trailers and have to cover my eyes.

I quickly browsed the children’s costume section.  It was pretty small and even though they had a great Robin costume, there was no way I was shelling out $40. for it.  (Easty always says she’s Robin when Jackson plays dress-up Batman).  After being mildly disappointed with the children’s costume section, I browsed the adult costume section, that took up the majority of the store.

Voila! Welcome to the barely there costume for $100.00.

OK, so this store is in Surrey, North Surrey, but really?!  I heard one girl comment that she would buy the lady cop costume but it didn’t “show enough skin”. It had a mini-skirt, plunging v-neck crop top, tall knee high boots, not enough skin?!?

Seriously, this half of the store could have been made especially for street walkers, strippers, hookers  and  those looking for a part-time job those trying to get their sexy-back.

Maybe it is because I am a Mom. But I don’t want to be seen in it, I don’t want my daughter to WANT to be seen in it, and really on most people, it is OBSCENE.  What I truly worries me about it, is the image that I am portraying by wearing something so revealing.

This is what TRULY scares the living daylights out of me.  It’s not horror movies, it’s my daughter in Hoochie wear.

I vividly remember the scene from “Mean Girls” when Lindsay Lohan dressed up as a scary zombie bride, only to realize that to be an A-list cool chick, Halloween was an acceptable time to go for the Hoochie look and get away with it.  I think I was 27 years old when I went slightly sexy, wearing a short black skirt with black velvet platform boots.  If I can dig the picture up, I will.

How do you feel about the a “Hoochie” Halloween? Do you still want to sex-it-up? And where do you draw the line?


  1. you always get me laughing. I was having flashbacks to the university Halloween days. Talk about scary! :-O

  2. Do I want to sex it up??? Heck yeah I’d love to, atleast I love the thought of being able to pull off of a barely there outfit. But this body is more ghost friendly, as in throw a sheet over it 😉
    I anitcipate that by the time L grows more I’ll be laying down the law… Once you can legally drink, you can legally wear what you wish for halloween.

  3. it’s true!! you do cover your eyes at the previews!!

  4. I myself JUST went to thaat store. now, IF I were 100lbs it might be as good place to find a costtume, BUT as I am NOT the outfits were SHORT, like i didnt need to bend over 4anything to show short. even my daughter was saying, “Mommy thats way too short i see your bum” (shes 4)
    some of their merchandise was cool…the accesories are pretty awesome as were the yard decor. not haoppy scay like babies with fangs and bloody 2 headed babies and mummies etc..(the babies caught my eye cause I thought it would disturb my kiddo) I was only in for a costume, I didnt buy one there.

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