Wednesday of a Few Words

The rainy season is soon upon us. I can tell because I can’t decide which jacket to wear. If I do wear one, it’s wrong. I am either sweating and have to take it off or I am freezing and my teeth are chattering.  I am also having footwear issues. Can I wear my sandals with my lulu-rainjacket? It seems like summer was just yesterday. This is the problem that occurs when you take your summer holidays so late in the season.

These photo selections are inspired by the cabin.

Morning at the cabin. All cute and cuddly.

The look she uses to wrap Daddy around her wee little finger.

Notice that smirky smile. I am in for some extreme trouble with this one. This sport will eventually give me heart palputations. 

Bye Summer.

See ya next year.


  1. Choosing outerwear in September in Vancouver is always a 50/50 choice. And I think I almost always choose wrong.

  2. Living in CA means jackets are usually optional. We have to fight scorching summer heat though, so it’s not always rosy in my neck of the woods. Cute photos by the way – how could you say no to that face?

    Peace. 😉

  3. I think when you live in Vancouver it is acceptable to wear ANYTHING with a rain jacket! Even slippers.

  4. I’m a flip flop girl all year long lol, so I never worry about footwear. I also hate wearing jackets because of menopause I’m hot I’m cold I’m hot again, really it’s pointless but I have to try to show the kids we don’t wear shorts and tank while it’s snowing outside lmao.

    Your monkee’s are adorable and omg Jackson on the board – yes definite heart troubles! lol

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