Kindergarten Cry Fest

Tomorrow morning I will be walking my son Jackson to his first day of school and so will his Dad, Grandmother, and Sissy.  Jackson starts Kindergarten and he will probably be there for a maximum of 30 minutes, if he is lucky.  All this work up for the big Kindergarten first day and he will be basically walking in, finding out his teacher & classroom, and then the whole lot of us will stroll back home.

Bring on the tissues!

Gotcha. I will not be crying, even though that seems to be what I am supposed to do.  This is the trained correct response that we are all supposed to say, isn’t it?  But where is the other truth?  The truth about the fact that your child is about to take this super, awesome step into shaping their personality and character that will help define who they are in life.  That they are truly going to be experiencing life on their own. Good or bad.  Successes and failures.  They are going to be learning so much more than just their curriculum.  The lessons learned socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, everything. Don’t get me wrong I love my children unconditionally, but I’m supposed to cry because life changes, for the better?

I may cry over the fact that gradual entry will have my little man all worked up to the point of confusion. I mean tease him with some Kindergarten and then take it away after 30 minutes, then no school , then only an hour, then the weekend will be upon us. Gradual entry continues until the middle of next week!

Why would I be sad for my little man or myself?  I am not sad for my little man, I am quite happy.  Yes, sometimes that does induce tears but I very much doubt that it will tomorrow.  Call me what you want because I know you will.  Meh.

It really breaks my heart when I hear how people wished that they could still hold onto that little child.   How they wish that they spent more time with them or that they should have changed their life in some way to have included them more. I am saddened that they are wishing for more time with them when they were young.  Was I the only one that was told, by everyone with children, to cherish every moment?!

I am perplexed when I hear others talk about how much they will miss their little one’s smile.   Hello? You will still get to see them every day.  It’s not like they are in the Army and flying off to the Middle East for an eight month tour.  If you continue to wrap your life up in your child’s, you will end up never letting them grow or flourish. Do you really want to be nagging them to clean their rooms, or get a job, because eventually that is what you will be doing.  You will be encouraging their dependency on you and then they will lack the self-esteem to actually venture out into their own world.  Just ask Barry Macdonald of Boy Smarts. Have a girl you say?  Well, this doesn’t just apply to boys.

Others talk about their child being their little helper or their best buddy.  Really?! Was the grocery store quality time? Were they really a help because personally, I find it quite hard to complete most domestic tasks with my children around.

I am not a SAHM, but SAHM’s, are you really that upset that you may finally get some time alone or time to dote on your younger child or children?  Full time working moms, what is the difference between full day daycare & Kindergarten?  Besides the fact that you will hopefully be saving money with Kindergarten & your child will be with peers that are all the same age.

Maybe some of you will be upset. Maybe some of you will cry, but I hope that you are crying because you are happy.  Don’t cry because you feel like you missed something or some time with them. That may almost make me cry if you actually did miss out on your child.

Wipe your tears and be there for them now if you have any regret.  If you feel like you missed out now, just wait until they get older. Regardless of what you hear or may even think, just because they can wipe their own bums now, they will need you more than ever as they get older.  Just in a different way.

So tomorrow morning, as I am sipping away at my celebratory drink of a triple iced espresso with 3 pumps of white chocolate mocha, giving my full attention to my second child who has never REALLY known what it is like be an only child, I will smile.

I think I will save my tears for those darn Dreamworks and Pixar animated movies.


  1. I admit it, and I never thought I’d be a crying momma, but last night I was crying my face off! Oooh, baby baby it’s a wild world. Our kids are totally ready for it but it still seems like they are so very little , so very innocent (they’re not, as witnessed by my oh-so-innocent little burper today). We’ve been told to cherish and we do … it’s just hard to watch them walk off into the sunset without you.

    LOGICALLY I know I shouldn’t be crying, so I appreciate your post…it’s just a stamp on your life, that time’s slipping by…

  2. Kindergarten doesn’t start until next year for us. I don’t think I’ll cry. It seems like a continuation from preschool to me. I can see myself getting slightly weepy when my youngest starts kindergarten as that really is the end of an era. But then I rarely cry so I’ll probably just be weepy on the inside.

  3. I am a crier. I cry a lot, over a lot of things. I freely concede that some of them are ridiculous. I’m cool with that.

    I don’t think my tendency to cry says anything about my parenting style, or not allowing my children independence, or anything of the sort. I think it just means that I’m prone to being overly sentimental. I also don’t think that other people’s non-crying says anything particularly about them, or their parenting, or their children. I think we can have different styles and we don’t have to read anything into it beyond that.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Amber, I also do not believe that crying says anything about an individual’s parenting style, except a lot of people do because of societal expectations. I was not particularly focusing on parenting, I was focusing on the individual and the need to HAVE to feel sad, in order to look like a “good” parent.

  4. I don’t think I cried on J-girl’s first day of school (6 years ago!). I do remember feeling awfully proud of her and thinking she looked so cute with her huge backpack. I was working so I already had her in “daycare” with my sister-in-law. Maybe for some SAHMs it’s like handing over a project you’ve worked really hard on to someone else to complete, or having your duties taken away? Or a bit of premature empty nest syndrome? I dunno. I’m not a weepy person either. But I guess for some when your heart swells it spills over.


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