Eight is Enough

Life has been insanely crazy.  It seems that I cannot function unless I over-extend myself. So last Saturday, when I was tagged in Rants and Rascals 8 questions post, it took me this long to actually complete it. Sorry JP!   I have hardly been blogging, so this was a great way to KEEP me going. Thanks JP I needed that. The only dilemma, who will answer the 8 questions that I send them? Hmmmm…..


1.) Tell me one thing you remember most that you loved about having your first child?  The one thing I loved about having my first child was the amazement that I felt. I just couldn’t believe that this little guy was here and he was a part of me and the Man.  I still can’t believe it.

What was the thing you loved least?

The thing I love the least is when he cried for 5 hours straight when we got home.  I thought that if this was what it was going to be like, that I was not going to be able to do it. I thought for sure that I would lose my mind, then my milk came in! Phew!

 2.) What is your favorite blog post of  yours and why?

The Fu Manchu was one post that I still laugh at when I re-read it.  If you think my underwear was funny, just wait until you hear about my excessive hairy experiences.

3.) When you were a kid what did you dream of being when you grew up?  How close did you come to accomplishing that?

I had always dreamed of being a teacher. In many senses I am a teacher but I help guide other’s to their ideal leisure lifestyle. Something that I have always truly believed in is the person as a whole. In order to lead a balanced life, you must be balanced in all aspects of your life i.e. physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and I try to live the life that I help others to achieve.

4.) Who was your first love ever? I guess it would be Michael Rodda. Where he is now? I do not know.   I just remember being physically sick when we were breaking up. Although, I question if I really knew what love is at that time.  I know what it is now, only because I am with the Man for 14 years and we have grown together in so many ways & still have survived all the challenges and have laughed through it all. That is truly what love is.

5.) Tell me the number one thing you love about blogging and why? The number one thing I love about blogging? That’s tough. At first it was just being able to express myself in my writing.  Not to be cliche but it really is cathartic.  I also enjoy comments. I love to hear what individuals have to say about a post, good and bad.  It’s amazing how you can have an idea in your mind and then when you go and write, it can come out completely different than you predicted. I also find it so interesting when others comment with another perspective on my post.  I really enjoy creating a conversation with my readers.  I really find it refreshing.

6.) What is the most romantic thing anyone has every done for you?  Describe to us about it.

Seriously, the most romantic thing that my Man has done for me is clean the bathroom. You betcha he is getting some action for that!

 7.) If you had to choose between A) jumping out of an airplane B) eating a spider or C) walking naked down a busy street holding a sign that says “Have you seen my clothes?” which would you choose?

I jumped out of a plane already. I will never do that again.  I will never eat a spider as I can’t stand to be in the room with one.  I guess I would walk naked in the street, hopefully I would have time to workout beforehand to at least visit the plastic surgeon to get all things tucked. Heh.

8.) Name your favorite television show you love to indulge watching and why? Breaking Bad. I love this show because both my Man and myself discovered it together and we both enjoy watching it together. I can’t predict what is going to happen and I think all the actors are just amazing.  

Remember to choose 8 bloggers to pass this onto and make up your own questions for them or (if you are lazy) recycle mine and copy them.

So now I need to make up 8 questions. GAH!

1.  Who inspires you?

2. What is one thing that you would change about yourself?

3. What is your favourite blog post and why?

4.What is your favourite breakfast cereal?

5.  What is your greatest hidden talent?

6. What celebrity has no right being a celebrity?

7. What is your best advice for how to make a million dollars?

8. If you could ‘dis-invent ‘ one thing, what would it be?

 Now to tag some unsuspecting bloggers and see who actually responds. Muahahahaha!

To be honest, most bloggers I know are some pretty big-wigs and I don’t really know them, I just read them. I have met a few on this list, but only briefly.

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