And This Is Where I Show You My Underwear

Yes. Do you want to see it? It’s just lovely.

If you are wondering what the little circle is, it’s a penny. I thought I would give you a reference for size and scale.

This underwear, which is very Large and in Charge, was extremely useful. I had an emergency C-section and did not have the chance to buy any post-pregnancy underwear for my hospital stay. My Mom ran out and grabbed me these Beaut’s .  I had told her to get me some full back underwear, you know Granny Panties, this is when she gave me the weird tilted-head look of confusion but she still said OK. I think she just didn’t want me to be stressed, which at the time was pretty much an impossible feat.

Easton is now 3 years old. I still have these Beaut’s kicking around and I admit, I have used them. I have adapted them to fit under my non-pregnancy clothes and jeans, by just turning the waistband down. This trick I learned from Lululemon and their Still Pants design.  I obviously don’t use these sexy Beaut’s everyday, they are mostly regulated to the once-a-month rotation. Then, just this last May, my fellow McMom Ali turned me onto these.

Photo courtesy of Ali Martell

Photo courtesy of Ali Martell

My first ever purchase in Bloomingdale’s was Hanky Panky Underwear.  Thanks to Ali Martell, who basically told me that these are a must, I am sold. The only underwear that you cannot see the lines under dresses. They are also super comfortable. Trust me, that is the first time that I have said that about a thong. Also, they are Oprah approved for all you Oprah enthusiasts.

Notice how happy I am. I just realized that the Big Brown Bag means that you shopped at Bloomingdale’s.  I didn’t know until that day. It’s a sheltered life I lead.

My only dilemma is actually throwing out these Beaut’s.

I know that I really don’t want to be in any car accident with these suckers on. Gawd I guess I just have to throw ’em out.

Do you have anything that’s you should get rid of but can’t seem to?


  1. Hahahaha
    I had a very simillar story! 🙂 Toss em and buy cuter once a monthers.

  2. OK, you MAY have convinced me to give those thongs a try…maybe, lol! Granny panties are comfy 😉
    Have a great weekend!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Seriously. I did it and now I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy more. I only bought 3, they were on sale too.

  3. Lord woman! Okay I’ve talked about a lot things but never my panties hahahaha. That’s awesome. I’ve tried giving away my husband and kids but nobody wanted them and so I suppose I will just keep them lol.

    Tag! Pick up your 8 questions I’ve made for you at eight is enough and pass it along. Have fun!


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