The Crummy Football League

The  Crummy Football League is what I usually jokingly call the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Normally the BC Lions play at BC Place but since the roof blew off the stadium, the updating of the stadium could not be ignored.  The renovations are in full swing and are to include a retractable roof.   Not only will the Lions be playing at the new stadium but so will our newly inducted MLS soccer team, The Whitecaps.

Pretty FANCY looking isn’t it?!

For now, the BC Lions are playing at the old but newly renovated Empire Stadium.

The renovation includes port-a-potty’s as far as the eye can see. Go early or just don’t go.

Empire Stadium, next to Playland,  was the original location for the BC Lions football games.  My Mom actually ushered at football games when she was a teenager, back in the day when people actually used to show you to your seats.

Back in the day.

And now 2010.

You still get the sun blinding you early on into the first quarter.

Now if I only had a better camera, I would’ve taken some great shots like this guy did.

My Mom has a soft spot for the BC Lions and CFL football because of her days of ushering and because she also used to work at the bank where most of the BC Lions from the mid ’80s used to go.   Many times, to the thrill of my Mom & Dad & brother (not me), we would get tickets to BC Lions games because of my Mom.  So, when I found myself with 2 tickets to the game and without my Man or children it was a logical choice to take my Mom to the game.

I really don’t go to games because I like football, I don’t understand the game so naturally I am not really going to enjoy it all that much.   I kid that I just like to go to roll my eyes at the cheerleaders or what is now called the Felions Dance Team, as they don’t cheer they just kind of sashay around waving their pom-poms.  Unfortunately for the Felions, their choreographer could have perhaps been a former stripper as I see more booty & chest wiggling than I see dance routines.

I now have a NEW reason for enjoying BC Lions football games.

My Ugly-Hot.

My Ugly-Hot Wally Buono is less than 10 feet away from me.  SQUEE!  My new favourite hobby at BC Lions games is trying to get a great up-close photo of Wally’s looking in my direction.  It ain’t happening so far.

I know. I know.  You just can’t understand what I am talking about.  Don’t know what an Ugly-Hot is? Neither did I until I was on a trip with a bunch of friends and this fun dinner topic came up.

An Ugly-Hot is someone who is considered Ugly by most people’s standards but Hot to you, and usually ONLY you.   For example, the winner of that night’s U-H contest was Miss Z who’s U-H was Galen Weston from President’s Choice commercial fame.

Another U-H that I thought was brilliant, was my good  friend’s choice of cooking channels giant, Michael Smith.   Giant, as in height, I believe he is something like 6 feet 7 inches tall.  She fell in love with Michael when he walked into his pantry and just cooked a savoury, healthy meal for his child from the odds & ends in his pantry. Yes, I agree that is HOT.

I also think it helps that he got a makeover from his signature long hair & checkered chef pants .

Much better don’t you think.

Wally Buono is my Ugly-Hot.  I fell for my Ugly-Hot hard when he was interviewed after a game.  His Mom had just died earlier that day and he still had to go on and coach the Lions through a playoff game, which they won. During that interview, he started getting a little teary-eyed when he was talking about his Mom.  I immediately fell for this hulky, sensitive man.  Don’t cry Wally, I would do you.

Turns out that I am not the only one to like Wally.  After I explained the U-H equation for my Mom, she stated that she really likes guys with that kind of build. SOLID. Where you actually feel like your being hugged by a Man. The dilemma is, would that still be an U-H if my Mom likes him? I think that would might just be a semblance of a crush.

It was a beautiful night at Empire Stadium and I got to learn more about my Mom that night, as she reminisced about where she ushered & some stories about the BC Lions.

We also created some memories for the future, as we both got to witness a full-blown naked streaker run from one end zone to the next.  Upon which my Mom commented that he “Had a nice bum! He must be a young guy!”.  We both howled after she said that. Sorry no real footage of that, as I was too busy laughing to grab the flip in time.

The Lions lost to the Montreal Alouettes but really it was one of the best games that I had seen because I got to enjoy it that night with my Mom.

Of course, Mom HAD to wear orange but it’s slightly more stylish than what you can buy at the Stadium stands.


  1. lol! Too funny. I enjoyed reading the U-H picks! 🙂

  2. Oh my! I feel so honored to see my U-H pick up on your blog.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I LOVE your U-H pick! Awesome! Another reason to love him is that I could actually wear heels if I was with him! LOL

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