It Looks Like Crop Rotation

It became apparent when people thought I had white paint in my hair (from painting our house trim) that I should actually do something about the whiteys/grey hairs that were popping up again.

Why? Because I just can’t embrace them right now.

Why, oh why, do they always pop up around your face. If they were in the back I probably could live the skunk look because I wouldn’t have to look at it.  I hate dislike looking at all those wirey whiteys popping straight up out of my dark brown-black hair.   I always contemplate leaving them but after 3 inches of greys I cave and dye them.

My hair grows fast. No. Super Andale Andale Arriba Fast.

To combat these wirey whiteys, I really need to be a regular 6-8 week dyer.  In the winter I can wear a hat or wrangle a carefully placed pony or headband.  In the summer I am out of luck.  I need to get it covered and that can be expensive.  I used to do it at home but the Man is getting slightly perturbed, as I am getting better at dying our bathroom cabinets & counters than I am at my hair.  In the single years, I used to go downtown to my friend Adam at Stratosphere but after having kids, downtown travel & downtown pricing isn’t in the budget.  Since I have tried to budget, I found a new salon that will dye & cut my hair for $40.00. A steal. Well sort of.

The only problem is it’s a roll of the dice WHO will be the one to cut & colour your hair.  Could be the girl who did your pedicure or could be the girl actually does hair regularily.

This time I wasn’t as lucky.  I got a newbie.

No matter how many times I remind them of my incredible sponge-like forehead, they always insist that they will be able to remove it. Um. Yeah. NO.

I look like I have Crop Rotation.  Luckily, this was the only setback.  It could’ve been worse.  I was nailed in the eye with a brush, luckily it wasn’t the flatiron.   Saving money isn’t worth losing your eyesight.


  1. lol! I hear ya…my sandy blonde (the name is nicer than the look!) roots are giving me heck right now!

  2. I dyed my roommates hair once in university, and ended up getting dye on her eyebrow by mistake. I ended up having to dye the other eyebrow to match. And the whole time I was like, “No, really, it’s totally fine. You look GREAT!” But inside I was like, “Oh, noes! I really, really hope this turns out better than I think it will!”

    I think that roommate would agree with you about saving money not being worth it. 😉

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      Oh no.! That is where trying to have good intentions gets a little blurry! That is definitely a story you can both laugh about now, well, as long as you haven’t lost a friend due to a bad eyebrow dye job! 😛

  3. LOL! I hear ya! Mia realized in the car the other day that I’m older than Dave and the convo went like this:
    “Ohhhhhhhhh! So you’re bigger than Daddy!”
    “Nooo, I’m older than Daddy”
    “Ohhhh! THAT’S why you have grey hair! I can see it coming out of your scalp!!!”
    I laughed so hard. But she’s right…..time to touch up thoes greys! lol

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      You COUGAR you! Hahaha! Well Oprah says the best thing you can do is dye your hair! Hahaha! Sometimes I just don’t like Oprah telling me anything! Heh.

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