It Happened.

In the back of my mind I knew it had to be done. Mother’s instinct and Grandma’s observations confirmed it. I needed to get the lil’ monkees eyes checked and my worry was that Jackson needed glasses.  Jackson had been turning his head oh so slightly to watch the TV.

Please.  I don’t want them to have my eyes.  I am blind as a bat visually challenged.

I knew that the lil’ monkees could get their eyes checked for free from 6 months on but it was one of those appointments that kept slipping my mind to make.  After reading a post at Crunchy Carpets about eye exams, I knew I had to take the leap and take them in. NOW.

Our local Lenscrafters is also the scene of The Runaways crime so I thought it would be fitting to take them in to that Optometrist’s office. They ran screaming down that hallway and then into the last office on the right.

The Scene of the Crime.

The 3D Glasses are hilarious.

But useful for finding the bugs wings.

Remember the scene from Little Miss Sunshine? I kept envisioning it.  The colour blindness test.

The lil’ monkees traced the different colours with their fingers instead of saying which number it is.  Easty was very CERTAIN of her colours, especially the colour pink. Surprise.

The machine that cannot lie.  Autorefractor: measures the appropriate amount of vision correction needed.

Easty needing a little lap help from Mom. Photo courtesy of Big Brother Jackson.

The chair with all the apparatus attached is a bit overwhelming for lil’ monkees.  Easty just refused to look at it.

Don’t worry about your children knowing numbers or letters, as they have them look at objects that are easily recognizable to them.

This is when I found out.

Yes. It happened.  Jackson has my astigmatism so he needs glasses to watch TV & read the board at school.  I was REALLY hoping that my blue-eyed, blonde haired, 1/4 Japanese children would have my Man’s better-than-20/20 eyesight. SIGH. SORRY. I know it’s bad to think. I know LOTS of kids have glasses.  I just hoped that they wouldn’t need them.

I cringed.  I cringed when I heard it. Then I actually did go way back into my memory and a shiver went down my back, as I re-lived all the teasing memories I have from wearing glasses.  SIGH.  I already worry about the fact that his ear is a little floppy.

Then Jackson picked out some glasses.

He was not so sure of ANY of them.  I was not so sure of the DISTINCTLY BRIGHT green hard plastic glasses that he originally picked out.  In the end, he was convinced to pick these BATMAN colour glasses, as they were a little more child-friendly with the flexible arms and nose part.  Confirming yet again that Mommy should have went into marketing for children 5 and under.

Then Jacksy smiled when I told him he looked like Leo from Little Einsteins. Who knew that would work?!

Then because The Man who is always skeptical, as perhaps Lenscrafters ONLY employs Optometrist’s that prescribe glasses just to make money, we had to test out the glasses.

And the BEST way to test the out? Play the Wii. Play the Wii Princess game. Heh.

“Mommy! Wow! My eyes are not fuzzy anymore.  Mommy! Wow! I can SEE!”

Then I packed my bags for another trip.  Another Mommy Guilt Trip that is.


  1. He is such a cutie! I thought it was so funny what you wrote about the pictures. A while back when I took my son, they would ask him what the picture was and he would tell them something totally off and wacky. I KNOW he was trying to mess with them!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      OMG he is so funny! I love it! I wasn’t sure that Jackson actually knew that the shadow picture of the tulip flower was just that a flower. He kept saying it was a man. Then he also thought that the dog was a horse. I was really questioning if it was his vision or not. It was his vision though.

  2. I’m getting my eyes checked at the end of the month.. I cringe to think how bad they are.. and I’ve had perfect vision all my life but now reading is really fuzzy!! lol Jackson looks great in his glasses though!!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I think that is the hardest. The Man refuses to get his eyes checked. I reminded him he was getting LONG in the tooth and usually your vision WILL deteriorate. Yeah, he’s not liking that truth. heh. Thanks! I also like the green plastic ones but since Jackson is so active, these would work better.

  3. Some of those pictures are a little wonk though! Benson kept saying the birthday cake was a boat. I could totally see the boat angle! But…still needed glasses. He wanted the bright plastic ones too! But too big for his teeny head. They look so heartbreakingly grown up in glasses, don’t they?!

  4. Awww, he looks so cute and grown up in them!
    Thanks for the reminder though. I keep putting off that appointment.

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