Disrespecting my V-China

I don’t like pain.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t have a tattoo when one of my good friends is a tattoo artist.

This is why I don’t have anything pierced besides my ears.

This is why I am not a big fan of getting regularily waxed BUT I will do it in the name of convenience & beauty.

You would think that a woman who was half-Japanese would have less hair than myself but you are wrong.  I have to resort to shaving but even that can run into a few snags with person as forgetful as I am.  I really need visual prompts like my razor in the shower for all other areas besides the Fu Manchu.

At the family cabin, there is no running water but we do have electricity, cable, internet and a boat. You know, the necessities.  Heh. It’s quite easy to shave armpits but without the privacy of a bathroom, you really don’t want to be getting down there with the razor in front of everyone.  Also, I really don’t like to answer the every popular question from Easty & Jacksy “Whatcha doing Mommy? “,whilst I have my head in my crotch.

So off I trekked to visit Marie’s Spa.  I had heard great things about her fine-eye for waxing & womanscaping the downtown female area.  You really need someone who is quick with a good eye. Also, I always want to support local businesses, especially home-based Mom businesses.

Marie’s Spa is gorgeous.  She is based out of her home & the spa is located downstairs. I was impressed with the professional space and seriously envied her steam shower in the very contemporary bathroom.  I was also impressed that her & her husband did the renovations themselves.

I went for the full package. Lower legs. Armpits. Fu Manchu. Bikini.

Lower legs. Easy.

Armpits. Sensitive, but they always are more than anything.

Fu Manchu. Easy. Never a problem.

Bikini. Intensive. The pain was really manageable considering you not supposed to get waxed a week before Aunt Flow comes to visit.  I was thinking of a Brazilian but I chickened out at the end.  I told her to go French but I didn’t realize French was so thorough.  Marie was all business but all the pressing and tucking of towels made me want to laugh.  Even after having 2 children & knowing that complete strangers were in the nether-regions with my legs apart,  I still was that super shy awkward 12 year old. I constantly had to make jokes to ease my shyness.

Especially when in my mind. I was way less hairy than I thought. Obviously. Not.

In the end I was as hairless as I would allow.  I was surprised at how thorough Marie was and how reasonable her prices were.  All that cost me was $56.o0 which is quite as steal compared to most spa’s.  My visit to Marie’s Spa was great & quick & thorough & as painless as a waxing could go.

Thanks Marie.  The Man is just as ecstatic even though I didn’t get the Brazilian.


  1. lmao!

  2. Love Marie! Sad she’s leaving the neighbourhood, but she promises she will be just 5 minutes away. Check her site for her monthly specials.

  3. That’s an insanely good price! Like on the floor amazed you got all that for so cheap. Wow.

  4. I was at Marie’s last night for a pedicure. She was great! My only regret is that I didn’t go to her sooner because soon I’ll have to drive to see her.

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