Any Given Sunday

Any given Sunday you can find me & the Monkee Family in Aisle 10 Seasonal Merchandise/Toys.

Starbucks MAY have a posh leather seating area for adults but their kids play space just can’t compare to Aisle 10.

There is some comfortable seating.

I will be so bummed when they remove this folding blue Adirondack chair.  I have even contemplated buying it, although I really have no use for a $99.99 blue Adirondack chair except for my usage of it in Aisle 10.

You can find everything in Aisle 10.

Ironman saving the World.

Pet shop kitties having Meow Fest 2010.

Sunglasses for 50% off. Lots of FREE smiles.

But most importantly, you will find a Happy Mommy enjoying her Starbucks and sharing a laugh with the Monkee Family.

Photo credit: The Man a.k.a. Mr. Monkee a.k.a. MonkeePapa


  1. What a great idea! Love it! I want the chair. I would put it in front of my computer desk. There’s gotta be a perk to the wireless keyboard the hubz had to have, right? Great post, mama!

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      The chair was really comfortable. I was surprised it, I mean considering it was made of hard plastic. The only thing missing was WiFi at the grocery store! Remember you heard it here first. Grocery store Wifi. A thing of the future!

  2. I love the pics of you enjoying yourself in Aisle 10!

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