This Is How I Imagined It.

After we had Jackson we really questioned if we wanted another child.  Having one was pretty comfortable.  We out-numbered Jackson, so when one of us was not feeling like the 100% top parent then the other one could easily step in, that or we just passed the screaming child back and forth between us.  Easy Peezy.

When we decided to have another child there were a couple factors that we worried about. 

One factor was the age difference.  How close do you want them to be?  Can we actually plan that?  We have had a lot of friends with fertility issues and ended up waiting to try again.  Then they ended up waiting even longer because it didn’t happen right away.  If it didn’t happen right away then we sure didn’t want to wait too long.  We were getting long in the tooth ourselves to wait. Heh. 

Then if it did happen right away, Jackson was our first try at getting pregnant, how close in age do we want them?  We have had friends with children 18 months apart and they have expressed that there was a lot of crying, from the parents that is.  How we decided on this was plan for at least 2 years and hope for the best.

The second factor we seriously thought about was if we could handle another child emotionally. 

That’s when the Man looked over and said that it was up to me.  We were comfortable with one and we knew.  We knew. We knew that I would be the one that would be spending a lot of time with the lil’ monkees.  We knew.  We knew that at some point that I would be outnumbered at a grocery store and one would be going in one direction and the other one would be going in the opposite direction.  We also knew that we could never conceive WHAT two would be like, until we HAD two.  Finally, we knew that our home would probably resemble a zoo or a mental health facility. At. Some. Point.

We knew. Then we went and had our lil’ monkee girl Easton and we just did it.  We made two work.

Then my worries changed.  Having a boy and a girl was wonderful but I worried that the gender difference might prevent them from playing together.  I worried that they were too close in age and that I would be constantly playing referee. 

I think I worry too much.

I LOVE the bond that they have.


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