Somebody Pass the Defibrillator

July 1st is Canada Day. It is also the day my Dad died so you can understand that on the first anniversary of his death that we wanted to keep busy and not find ourselves mulling over the day. 

My Mom had been asked by family to come over to Great Aunt Hattie’s house in Richmond.  Aunt Hattie was my Dad’s Aunt and she was always quite fond of my Father.  It seemed very appropriate that we should all go.  Aunt Hattie’s house is right on the parade route,  so we were planning on watching the parade, then eating with the family at Aunt Hattie’s house, and then perhaps joining in on the festivities at the park.

As per usual, we were late.  I woke up that morning to find that my Man was gone.   The kids woke me up asking for him.  I had been up three times in the night with Missy I Can’t Sleep By Myself, so I was still pretty exhausted at 7am and hadn’t heard the Man sneak out this morning.  He gets ups at Ridiculously Early-O’Clock so I just figured he went to make coffee, found there was no milk, and ran out to get some.

The lil’ monkees dragged my lazy butt out of bed and proceeded to have me escort them downstairs. Hmmm?!?  Someone had made coffee but it was all gone.  I opened the fridge expecting to find no milk but instead I found 2 full four litres of it.   Hmmm?!?

So I texted the Man.  No Answer.  Where could he be. Then it dawned on me. 

The SCOUNDREL! He beat me to it and he went to the gym.  Lately I have been a bit sluggish and out right stated my determination to hit the gym more frequently.  In the process, it seems to have sparked my Man to hit the gym more frequently as well.  Unfortunately, he actually makes great loses while I just seem to maintain. BUGGER.

Finally he arrived all smug like.  I expected to be brought home some truce present of Starbucks but NO. Nothing. Bugger again.  Drinking all the coffee, not leaving me a drop, then not even bringing me home some.

T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Is what he was in for when he decided to get into bed. That’s right, get into bed under the covers.  I looked at him and asked him if he was going to have another shower, as we have to get going, you know to Richmond?!?!?

After I got the lil’ monkees, myself, and my Mom ready to go.  The Man sauntered down the stairs all non-chalantly. I gave him my best HURRY UP look and continued packing snacks & filling drink cups.  After I had installed the car seats in the truck, found some folding chairs for our parade seating, and then loaded the truck up and buckled the kids.  The Man had just started to put on his shoes. 

Daggers. I was definitely shooting daggers at him with my eyes.

We got to Richmond on time, but the parade had already started because we had the wrong time.

The parade was great, what we saw of it.  They had a real mix of ethnicity’s and lots of candies and freebies for kids. The lil’ monkees got rockets so you know it was a winning parade in their eyes.  After the parade we went to Aunt Hattie’s where Jackson refused to go in.   He didn’t like it and I suspect it was the darkness and the smell.  Finally after much coercing, he came in only to eat some cheese puffs and drink Root Beer.   It was great catching up with all the cousins until they started talking about funeral costs and the effects of the HST on burying.  No Death Talk Please. Someone didn’t get the memo. Heh.

Then after the lil’ monkees starting getting squirrely and after Easty clubbed Jackson on the head with a toy, we headed to the park to get some fresh air.

That’s when we took these pictures.

It was so busy that my Mom and I decided to visit the centre without the kids.  The Man wasn’t interested in tackling the crowds so he decided stay with the kids and let them play while we quickly checked out the Japanese Cultural Centre.

My Mom and I love all things Japanese. Bonsai, Paper dolls, Girls Day dolls, Tea Ceremonies, Karate, Ikebana -Flower Arranging the Japanese way, Sushi, Anime, my Dad. Heh.  We rushed through the displays in about 10 minutes.  It was way too busy & I don’t like crowds.

When we got back to the playground the Man was frantically texting a message.  He was sweating & looked pale. 

The Man blurted out: Why haven’t you answered your phone?!?!?!

Me: Remember.  I forgot it with my camera at home.  I told you this when I borrowed your phone to take a pic of the kids?!?! (See Above)

The Man: I can’t find Jackson!

I am sure at that exact moment all our hearts sank.  

My Mom & I looked around for a kid in a Thing 2 red shirt.  There were a thousand kids in red shirts.  As we broke up to look for him, I ran into one of the volunteers with a radio on his reflective vest.  He said that he would notify the other volunteers then he directed me to the temporary Community Police station.  I informed the Man and my Mom where I was going. Then I was off.

Amazingly while everyone was losing it. I remained calm. Stealth Calm.  It was kind of scary how calm I was.

As I made my way to the station, I ran into a uniformed Police Officer.  I told him that I had lost my son.  I described him and he asked me what he was wearing.  He told me that he just walked a lost boy to the station that sounded like my son. Jackson.

When we got there I had to show my ID and I could see Jackson behind a glass wall crying uncontrollably.  I still remained calm.  I asked where they found him.  He supposedly wandered to the train tracks and told another Mom that he was lost.  The Mom in turn found the officer who took him back the this portable station.  He was looking for him Mom.

They brought out Jackson and he had calmed down enough to do the big heavy deep breathing whimpers.  I was still so Stealth Calm that I think the officer thought that I was a bad parent.  Actually, I wanted to cry with relief but that would have just upset Jacksy even more. 

He gave me a big hug then we started walking back to find the Man and my Mom.  Of course, I did not have my phone and couldn’t inform everyone that I had found him.  We found the Man and then we couldn’t find my Mom.  We looked for about 15 minutes before we found her.  I think she had just aged 10 years since the last time I saw her.

We were all DONE.

As we were leaving Jackson started crying hysterically again. We all thought that he was Scared Straight from his getting lost experience.  When he finally calmed down enough to talk we deciphered Bouncy Castle. What?!? I guess the police officer had tried to calm him down but telling him his parents were going to talk him to one of the 3 bouncy castles. 

With a line-up of at least 50 people for each BC, I would have asked for a police escort if I had known.


  1. Was that at Steveston Park? We lost Benson there too!! He followed the train tracks to the shed outside the park. So many blind spots in that park!

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