My Norwegian Experience: A Review

I do not think that I really seriously thought about chemicals and the harmful effects of those chemicals until I became a Mom. I was conscientious about the environment prior to children but I was highly-concerned about harmful cleaning chemicals when I found my teething 6 month old sucking his fingers after he has just finished crawling all over my wet kitchen floor.  As a Mom/Parent it is our responsibility to be aware of what our children are in contact with.  As a Mom/Parent you have to ask the questions.  Can this harm my children?

Norwex is short for Norwegian Experience. Have you heard of it?

I had not until I knew a mom who was selling it. I am all for supporting moms trying to generate extra income while being a SAHM or WAHM or just trying supplement the family income by making extra money but most products that seem to be sold by moms are fairly expensive. 

Norwex products are not cheap and I was apprehensive about investing in something that I knew nothing about.  I was invited to a Norwex party and I went to understand what was so special about these cleaning cloths and products.  I also wanted to know if they were worth the money and compare it to my vinegar and water cleaning system.

Norwex cloths are made of an antibacterial microfiber that can remove 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces using only water.  The antibacterial agent that actually kills the bacteria within 24 hours is the silver particles integrated inside the microfiber of the cloths. 

Silver?! Whoa, wait. I thought that exposure to silver is not healthy for us?  After doing some research I soon found evidence that supported that in minute concentrations, silver is highly toxic to germs while relatively non-toxic to human cells.  Currently nano silver can be found in refrigerators, vacuums, washing machines, and other personal products like toothpaste, wound dressings, and deodorants.  Generally I found that most information on the use of nano silver to be positive but with any new innovation or technology you still need to proceed with caution. 

Norwex cloths do not leave any silver particles on surfaces, the silver stays in the microfiber cloth so you do not need to worry about ingesting anything left over.  I don’t know what happens when you throw the cloth out into the garbage and it decomposes but I think overall it is safe to use.  Again I am no expert in enviro-health.

Most Norwex parties are held at the homes of the hosts err hostesses, let’s face it the Man is not into this at all.  The hostess receives a great package of free products just for having a party.  I can’t name off all the items but it was at least $100. worth of items.  The hostess will receive some products for free depending on how much their guests purchase at the party.  If you are looking for the exact details you can contact a Norwex consultant or the one that I know Jennifer Robbins at

I was instantly CONFUSED about the difference between Enviro cloths, Window cloths, Kitchen cloths, Bath cloths, Travel cloths.  The confusion came over which cloths do I want? Which do I need? It’s hard to ask a consultant because they make you feel like you need them all.   I was directed towards the Mother’s Helper.  A package that contains 2 Enviro cloths, a Dusting mitt, and a Window cloth.

Enviro cloths are used wet.  When they inform you about the Enviro cloth, you are told you can use it on everything but you DO NOT want to use the one on your walls then use it to clean your toilet in the bathroom. OK, NOT that I would but it still takes a couple hours for the silver to kill the bacteria on the cloth.  I used the pink Enviro cloth for the bathroom and the yellow Enviro cloth for other surfaces. 

The Window cloth/Polishing cloth is to be used only DRY.  It was super easy to use on the sliding glass window and on the mirrored front closet door.   It did work great but my only complaint was that it took forever to dry.  The Window cloth texture is smooth as compared to the Enviro cloth.  I need the cloth to do more for me to really invest in it.  Also, my vinegar and water solution is just as easy and safe to use.

Next I tried out the Norwex Micro Pads.  These are equivalent to the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  They worked just as effectively but they do not have the VERY harsh chemicals that the Magic Erasers have.  I used to think that the Erasers were Magic until I realized that the Magic in it was actually chemicals.   I actually don’t use the Magic erasers anymore since I read what was in them. 

The Micro Pads took the toy scuff marks off the bathtub and crayon marks off the walls.  I also used them to take the scuff marks off of some of Jackson’s plastic action figures.  This is something that I would not use the Magic Erasers for as they are so toxic.    My only complaint with the Micro Pads is that they really broke-down quickly.  One was almost completely mangled by just one go around in my house.  Luckily, you get two for your money.

Next I tried the Dusting Mitt on my laminate wood blinds.  It was really quick to use but because my blinds are so bad, I had to use the Enviro cloth after to really clean them.  I used the yellow Enviro cloth on them and although it did work great with some elbow grease, the cloth really looked dirty and used.  I soaked it in some warm water and it looked better but it was still marked.  I have yet to actually wash them in the laundry though.

Finally, I used the Kitchen cloths, Spirisponge, and the Spirinett.  I was really impressed with the Kitchen cloths.  They held a lot of water, as most microfiber cloths do, but they were really easy to wring out.  The reason you need the Kitchen cloths is that they are made to be used where food particles would be.  I was told that if you use the Enviro cloth and get food on it, it will eventually stink, which would make me not use it.  The Kitchen cloths are definitely worth the money.  I hate it when my cloths get slimy and these took forever for that to actually happen.  I have used them for over a month and have not yet laundered them.  I really like the Kitchen cloths and you get three for the price.

Another item that I was impressed with was the Spirisponge, although I had won the Spirinette the consultant suggested that with my Stainless Steel pots and pans, the Spirisponge would be a safer bet to avoid scratches.  I am impressed at how well it has stood up to almost daily scrubbing use.  I definitely think that it is a good buy. 

I have also used the Spirinette and was surprised that it has kept it’s shape and how effectively it worked.

I have yet to use the laundry detergent but if you have an HE front loader you only need to use 1/2 teaspoon per load or about 80 loads for the 2kg bag.  Which is good because 2kg costs $26.99.   The ECOS laundry detergent I use costs under $20.00 and says it lasts for 210 HE loads but mine lasts longer as I use very little unless the clothes are REALLY dirty.

I guess the biggest downfall of these items would be convincing your Husband that really you are saving money by buying these items.  The savings is in the health of your family and that you are not continually buying cleaning products on a regular basis.  I was not the only guest at the party that was concerned about explaining the bill that they ended up with. 

There were other products that I would have liked to have tried, like the mop. The mop is sold in pieces.  You need to buy the handle, the dry pad, the wet pad, the mop base, the mop base brackets. GAH!  I really wanted to try the toilet brush system as well but at $49.99 for the product and then $15.99 for the refills, I was quickly deterred from making the purchasing splurge.

Even though you are saving you still have to spend a bit of money to make the most of the products.  Even though you can buy the Enviro cloth separately, I would not buy the Enviro cloth without buying the Window cloth, etc.  I believe that the products DO work effectively but you just have to decipher what products you will get the most use out of and what can you afford to spend.  Obviously, the health of our families is priceless but the sometimes for the sake of your relationship health you have to watch your economic spending as well.

For reviewing the cloths I received 40% off my purchase of the Mother’s Helper.  This package contained two Enviro cloths regular price $15.99 each, a Window cloth (polishing cloth) regular price  $18.99 , and a Dusting mitt regular price is $14.99.  The Mother’s Helper was a package and was cheaper than purchasing the products individually.  I also paid full price and purchased the Kitchen Cloth Set of 3 colours $18.99, the Micro Pads $5.99 for two, and the Spirisponge for $4.99.  I won a Spirinette that regularly goes for $4.99 for two, a free trial of the Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent and some Face and Neck gel.


  1. Hey Naomi – just wanted to point out that the laundry detergent will last 80 loads when you use in a TOP loader (2 TBSP), but in the front loader you only need 1/2 a teaspoon – so it will last up to 400 loads! Also a tip for the Micropad – cut it in half so that the whole thing isn’t getting wet – they last a little longer that way. The mop comes in kits but is also sold separately in case you wanted an extra mop pad. I realize the products can be considered pricey but I do think they are worth it. Like all products, they’re not for everyone; those who love them really do love them.

    Lastly, it can be a little chaotic at parties (especially with a wild dog on the loose), so I really am sorry if it didn’t seem like Michele or I were specific enough about which cloths were best for your needs. Personally, I wouldn’t try to oversell anyone, because the point is to get the customer the product that they too will fall in love with and share with their friends, and their friends, and their friends, and so on. Not to leave them with a case of buyer’s remorse (much like I had after a Tupperware party that was laced with wayyyyyyy too much red wine! Everything was A-MAAAAZING!!!)

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the products! And remember…you could always get that toilet brush for 40% off and the mop for free if you host a party 😉 And I wanted to give your readers a discount – mention you read the review on MonkeeMama and get 10% off your order! (Join my Facebook group at for more deals and info.)

  2. Just wanted to check in with you to see if you are still liking your Norwex cloths and if they have stood the test of time. I was invited to a party and am really having a difficult time justifying spending that much money on cleaning cloths. I currently use vinegar and water and rags for most of my cleaning but I am intrigued by Norwex.

    • Naomi Jesson says:

      I am still using some of my Norwex rags because The Man did not get a hold of a few of them but I am still not completely sold on the cost over the usage. They ruined very easily if you used them for cleaning items that you were not supposed to clean. For example, The Man used the non-kitchen cloths for the kitchen and then they stinked so much that I chucked them. My Mom only used her for the kitchen and it was done shortly after mine so it’s hard to say. I still use the everyday/all-purpose rag and window cleaner (purple rag) for windows and mirrors but it’s very comparable to using vinegar and water. Yes they work but if you can’t afford them, then don’t do it. Save yourself a tiff with your spouse 🙂 Hope that helps.

      • Yes, thank you! I don’t understand the thing about them stinking. I’ve read that you don’t need to wash them very often but then I also hear about them stinking. I can’t imagine not washing any cloth less often than every few days. This is what I did: I bought a 36 pack of microfiber towels from Costco this week for $15.99. The towels are 16 by 16 inches – seems too big for a cleaning cloth. So I cut one in fourths and used my serger to finish the cut edges so I now have 8 by 8 sized clothes for about 12 cents each. Probably not as good as Norwex but for 12 cents each I am happy as can be! I plan on making more and labeling them for kitchen, bathroom, etc.


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