Butterfly Release.

It seemed to take forever but finally we had 5 butterflies.  One for each of the VonJessons (we renamed our gaggle of kids this after they were thought to be all siblings).

The faces of the butterflies were so interesting and I was surprised at how big they were compared to the Chrysalis. But they were still bugs. Could I do this?  Could I really pick one up to release?!?

We released the butterflies in my friend’s backyard. 

Here I am being brave.  Anything to save face in front of the kids.  Yes, it looks like I can handle butterflies.  They are not at all creepy like moths are or squiggly like the larvae.

It wasn’t the sunniest day on record but really not any day in June has been sunny. 

The first and oldest of the kids to handle a butterfly.  She was completely brave and rather excited about it all.

It was amazing how the butterflies just stayed on our fingers and really did not make any great attempts to escape. 

Jacks was also very excited about having a butterfly on his arm.

Then Jacks and his Best Bud got all serious about it all.

While Easty was just a bundle of excitement.  Easty was definitely smiling with her eyes through her butterfly release experience.

Here she is talking to her butterfly.  Adorable.  Then I think a few of our butterfly releasers were hoping that they would take off more quickly than they did.   The pass off.

I think that the Butterfly had a little post-traumatic stress but eventually it flapped it’s wings and flew away after surviving the size 7 foot of Easty.

 You can just never predict what is going to happen when you insert lil’ monkees into the scenario.


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