We Are Hurricanes.

The Hazelgrove Hurricanes that is. I have definitely been at the eye of the storm with our lil’ monkees so I felt the name was rather appropriate.

As soon as we got there, Easty had to go pee. So the Man and Grandma escorted Jackson into the gymnasium and  I escorted the little Miss to the bathroom.  As Easty needs a clean bowl, we had to endure pre-flushing and then re-flushing of the toilet, before we could make our way to the gymnasium.  Grandma was waving us past the line with a slew of papers in her hand.  When we got there the Man headed straight to the free coffee & goodies. Coffee for us, goodies for the kids.

That’s when I heard the story. The story of how the principal talked to Jackson and said that he guessed his parents couldn’t make it and that his Grandparents brought him. Well first off, the Man is not quite as blond haired as he used to be but then again he was wearing his legendary Seattle Seahawks baseball cap.  The cap which covers most of the Whitey’s.   The Man was seriously red from the embarrassment of it all.  He turned even more pinkish when I congratulated my Mom on scoring a young one. Then I had to let the machine-gun laughter loose after that. My Mom then proceeded to point out a table of women who I had startled in the laughing process.  Get used to it Ladies!

This helped relieve the earlier tension of running late.   Since our orientation wasn’t until 10:45am I still planned to take Jackson to preschool and then pick him up early.  Of course, Easty was being the usual doddler toddler and we picked up Jacksy at 10:35am.   Although it was only 5 minutes past our choice pick-up, it created a lot of tension when I commented on the Man’s route choice when driving home.  I so cannot play the passenger in my own car. Heh.

Our paperwork consisted of Speech & Language Development, a calendar of Class times for the 2 morning and 2 afternoon gradual entry classes, and a edu-pack list consisting of everything your Kindergartner would need for only 14.95. Sold.

When the teachers and aides lined up to take the kids off to a classroom, I scanned for the MEAN one. She wasn’t wearing any sign & nobody pointed and whispered.  Drat!

The principal informed us of the quest for a green school, so most communications would be sent via email. I LOVE that. He talked about the support systems in place such as learner support & counselling, also the lack of a school nurse. Surprisingly, this caused some worried brows and whispering.  Honestly people, the first thing that is going to go is the nurse, even the supports in place were noted to have had their hours diminished.  I was more worried that Jackson would get the classroom WITHOUT a bathroom and have to have a bathroom buddy go with him. *AHEM not impressed with this information and the fact that I had to make the inquiry privately to the principal about it after I had heard a rumour. Why not explain that one to the parents?!?

Then we watched a video put together by some of the students.  After the video I had that annoying I’m a Gummy Bear song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  I knew more people than I thought I would. Some were very friendly, some were not, some just looked spooked that there children were actually old enought to BE IN Kindergarten. 

Jackson returned with a book One Watermelon Seed by Lottridg & Patkau and his name written 3 times within a rhymeNothing else. This surprised me as other schools were handing out scissors, planners, pencils, etc. I love books but nada for anything else.

We had survived orientation. There were no tears. None from Jackson, the Man, Grandma, myself or even Easton. Phew!

Now to see if we can survive the first day. GULP.


  1. Ours is today! Go Sullivan Steamers! (um…)

  2. Steamers just makes me think of my early morning walks with the dog.

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