The Very Hungry Caterpillars.

After about a week the little caterpillars that were a mere 1 millimeter in width & 1/2 a centimeter in length have been growing.  They are at least 5 mm wide & some are about 3 cm long.  As the lil’ monkees say, they are very hungry caterpillars.

We ran out of their porridge and none of the leaves that we have given them seem to be the kind that they are willing to eat. Some of the caterpillars are fattening up a lot more than others.  The bigger ones must be pretty greedy as they jumped towards the new food immediately, crawling over their smaller siblings.  We have had only one caterpillar death.  It was a small one that went searching for food in the wrong direction.   Survial of the fittest in our own little habitat.

The lil’ monkees are really loving them.  They love checking them out through the magnifying glass and trying to find them.  Earlier on it was really hard to see the little ones against the tree, now they are definitely more noticeable.  The bigger ones are starting to get more fuzzy & change colour.  The big caterpillars even have some interesting white spots & some crazy long white hairs on them.

I am just happy about how long the kids can just sit & watch them.  We haven’t named them but I think we will start to try.  I think the ones that are left should survive.

Also, I have been researching all about these little fuzzy friends. I now know some correct terminology.

The Chrysalis is the pupa stage of a butterfly.  A cocoon is the pupa stage of a moth. This is the point where the caterpillar has made its final molt into a pupa and in about 1-2 weeks an adult butterfly will emerge.

We all can’t wait. C’mon caterpillars Chrysalis for us!


  1. I love that it occupies them!

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