ROGERS: Just call me SUCKER. If it’s too good to be true…

…then it probably is.

Buckle up folks, this is a bit of a long ride/journey/post.

This all started when I tried to save the family some money.  I was adjusting my iPhone plan and ended up getting asked about my home phone and home Internet service.  We were with Telus and paying about $100.+ bucks a month for high-speed & home phone. 

I personally felt that this was a ridiculous rip-off. 

So the Rogers salesperson informed me of the Rocket Hub, you may have seen my glowing post for this new fan-dangled contraption,was the answer to reducing my phone & Internet bill.  The Rogers salesman told me that right now I could get the Rocket Hub for $100. reduced from $150.  and that my bills for having a home phone and Internet would be $50.  Also, that I could connect up to 10 Internet devices  i.e. PCs/mac’s, laptops, iPhones’, etc .  I could only connect 5 to my current Telus high-speed and we usually had 3 laptops and 2 iPhones going berserk at our house.  I was close to sold when the Rogers salesperson also told me that the Rocket Hub was portable.  I can take it up to the cabin and use it there to access the wireless Internet all on the same $50 bill.  I wasn’t completely sure until the Rogers salesperson told me that I could return the item in 15 days if I was not happy with it. NO CHARGE.  He also advised me NOT to cancel my existing Internet and phone until I was sure that I was happy with the Rocket Hub.  Wow, this Rogers salesperson really wanted to make sure I was happy with the product and it was a bonus that I could return it without getting charged. 

Finally, he also informed me that I could use my existing home phone number and I would not have to change it. 


I anxiously awaited for my Rocket Hub to arrive in the next few days.  When I got the Rocket Hub I didn’t immediately connect it.   The Man was more into those things so I thought that he would do it, finally I did it, as he was apparently not hopping to it fast enough for me.  It was so easy to put together.  Plug it into the electrical outlet.  Plug in your phone.  Copy the password from the back of the device. Put the password into your computer.  Turn it on and Whammo Bammo, I was connected to the Internet and I could also use my home phone.

Everything was great for about 3 days.  Then I noticed that I kept losing my Internet connection.  My Man noticed that even being next to the device with his iPhone, he would be dropped off the Internet.  I was really PO’d when I was writing a post and the automatic saver didn’t save because I was dropped OFF the Internet and didn’t notice.  I lost it all and had to re-write. GRRRRRRR!

I called Rogers.   I explained my problem with the Internet and they transferred me to technical support.  It wasn’t 15 days yet, so I thought I would cancel it because it obviously wasn’t working.  The technical support guy had me reset it and then had me move the device upstairs, stating that it would be better if I was higher and near an large window.  It worked but I was still sketchy about it.  I also told them that it got really, really hot, it felt like a fire hazard and that is not great with two lil’ monkee’s around.  He assured me that the hotness was normal, it was the only glitch, so to speak.  He told me not to worry, try it out for a week, if you don’t like it we STILL will not charge you for it.

OK so I tried it.  It worked again for that week but then all of a sudden the wi-fi wouldn’t work. Again the Man complained about being dropped off the net when he was right beside the darn thing. I opened the blinds to the window but it still didn’t make the connection work or the wi-fi.  I plugged in my laptop with a cable, we have tons in our house due to the Man’s business.  It worked wonderfully but I made a mental note to call Rogers again as the Man thought I should cancel it.   We didn’t have these problems with our Telus wi-fi and our Telus seemed faster than our Rocket Hub.  Plugging in our devices was defeating the whole purpose of wireless.

Well then I kind of got bogged down with work, the kids, blogging, and since I still had a connection with the cable plugged in I just let it ride for a few more weeks err maybe a couple of months.  One more lost post later, a bill for $110. instead of $50., a sore back from bending over my laptop on my sidetable, and I called Rogers.

I called Rogers when I got home from work but 3 times I got disconnected.  I then got through but they suggested that you call from an outside line and not from your Rocket Hub line.  I called on my cell, I got dropped 3 times.  I gave up and went to bed.

The next day, just before I left work to go home, I called Rogers.  They again told me that I need to be near the device to reset it.  I told them, BUT IT DOESN’T WORK wirelessly, the whole point of getting it to begin with.  I told them I was going to cancel it.  Why should I pay for something that doesn’t work the way it was supposed to.  I asked to talk to a manager, they let me talk to someone but again they were not understanding and told me they could not cancel until I talked to technical support again to PROVE that it did not work. FINE.

I called them when I got home, I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours, they reset the device but then I got I got disconnected on my phone.   I called back and was told that the Rocket Hub department was now closed.  I explained that I was working with someone.  They said sorry no one is there now. GRRRR! I was now convinced that with the poor customer support and non-working Rocket Hub that cancellation was in my future.

The next day I called when I got home.  I talked to technical support AGAIN.   Technical support told me that we do not have a good connection where we are.  I asked to cancel it, thinking I would have to pay the full $150.  Oh well, it was my fault for not getting back sooner. 

Turns out the fine is $500. to cancel it.  WHAT?! I told them that I only paid $150. for the Hub.  It turns out that the Rocket Hub is a contract!?  WHAT?! I also told them that I noticed on the bill that it was $110. and not the $50. I was quoted. After being transferred to billing,  I was told that I have to PAY for how much DATA I use. WHAT?! There is a LIMIT?!  I didn’t have a limit to the data at Telus for my home Internet.  I told him that the Rogers salesman knew I was connecting a lot of devices and that I used a lot of data at home.  I was TOLD that it is not like a home Internet connection which has no limit.  This was like a cellular phone.  You CAN use it for a home Internet but you have to limit your use & when you go over, you get charged. BIG. TIME.

I then got transferred to Retention.  I TOLD him that it DID NOT WORK as it was supposed to work.  I told them that their manager said that I had to prove it didn’t work before I could cancel it.  I was told that I did not talk to a manager, as it said so in the records.  Someone was not telling the truth and it wasn’t me.  I was told that was too bad but I was in a contract for 3 years & even if it didn’t work I had to pay $500. to cancel it. WHAT?!  I then tried to make the best of the situation.  If home Internet is unlimited then get me home Rogers home Internet.  I asked the next two managers that I was transferred to, can I get a home Internet service then.  He said that he would WAVE the $500. fee if I got home Internet service. 

OK.  I was then transferred again to home Internet connections.  At home Internet connections, I was informed that that I could not get a home Internet connection in BC?! Why did they say I could then?!  WHAT?! Did these people not know that I was calling from BC?!  Again I was connected to another manager.  At this point the kids starting crying, whining, and basically freaking out as I was on the phone since I got home.  I repeated the story, as I had repeated the story to EVERY new person I had talked to.  They had notes on the account but they made me repeat everything to the last detail.  AGAIN. EVERY. TIME. GAH! 

Then I started to cry.  I told the guy I could not wait to talk to another manager as my kids were flipping out.  I asked if they could have the manager call me.  He said he would get a manager to call me.

No one called me later that evening.   No one called me for 4 days. 

I called today.  After repeating my story AGAIN to three people.  I got Orville.

Orville informed me, after putting me on hold, twice, for another 3-5 minutes, that he would wave the cancellation fee of $500.

FINALLY! Someone making sense. He then informed me that I would have to just pay for the Rocket Hub. Fine. I thought $150. 

NOPE.  $399.99. WHAT?!

He told me if I could find someone to take over the Rocket Hub then I would not have to pay the $500 or the $399.99. 

I told HIM, WHY after this whole dilemma would I EVER recommend Rogers or try to PAWN off a Rocket Hub that didn’t work for me, to someone I KNEW.  NO.  WAY.  


He meekly told me that it as Just A Suggestion.  I demanded that he CANCEL my Rocket Hub. I felt that there was no way I was going to get a better deal.  My time, my energy, I was worth more than this.

I don’t know if you could actually call this a classic bait & switch but it definitely ended up costing me a lot of money than it was suppossed to save me. $399.99 to be exact, on top of the giant bill of data overage that I already owe.  All because I wanted to save us some money and have a portable internet device that we could take to the cabin.

Did you know that there is an I HATE ROGERS website. I didn’t know about it before but I do now.

One thing I love about my good friend is that she reads the fine print.  I really wish I listened to her and that I read a sheet of paper in the box that the Rocket Hub came in.  I found it and read it today.  It said that I would get charged but it didn’t say how much. 

I like to think I learned a lesson here. An expensive lesson. One I will never forget. As I have a Rocket Hub to remind me of it all.

My iPhone is also with Rogers but after this whole dilemma & frustration, I asked Orville to cancel it.  He informed me that if would be $500. to do so. 

I guess I am keeping Dimmy & the useless Rocket Hub.

Maybe it will make a good door stop.


  1. Kirstin Gilmartin says:

    You have got to take that to a customer services bureau/ watchdog or something- that is terrible- there has to be some higher authority they answer too.

  2. Omg! Nae that is not right! Shoelessmommy says thanks for posting this because she was thinking about getting it but now isn’t. That is ridiculous and yes total bait and switch not that they care. Sorry to hear you had to learn it the hard way. But you do love your Dimmy so keeping that is okay lol.

    Loved Jackson’s grad pics as well!

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