Jackson’s Preschool Graduation

I distinctly remember telling my Man when Vancouver won the 2010 Winter Olympic bid, Jackson will be 5 in 2010 and going into Kindergarten.  Wow.  That was an eternity away.  I never thought that those five years would fly by so fast.  Oh and that he would have a sister as well.

I didn’t cry but I did get all verklempt.  I am sure I will be the Mom crying at Easton’s preschool graduation chanting “My Baby! My Baby!” over and over again.  I loved this preschool.  At the end of the year they hand you a scrapbook full of pics, artwork, and memories.  We also got a book filled with Jackson’s printing of all the letters of the alphabet.  Awesome.

Class of 2022. Gulp.

My Elvis side mouth singer.

See these smiles. Only when he was singing was he smiling this day.

The closest I got to him looking at me and smiling. Mr. Smugs.

The awkward-limp-but straight-armed 1st handshake.

The 2nd handshake.  Looking down and again loosey-goosey straight arms.

Jackson! Jackson! Look at Mommy! Jacks! Over here! I tried.

I LOVED how he was more interested in his new book than anything else.

Jackson 90% of the time would answer the question of the day with YES.  Is there an “X” in our name? Jackson would say YES! Then smile and laugh.  He is such a cheeky monkee.

Best Buds.  The first day of Kindergarten is going to be interesting.  I know that he will ask where his best bud is.

Jackson believes his Thing 2 shirt says Super Jackson. Thanks to the Man. Again all serious here.

Still not quite smiling. This is probably the closest to a smile. Preschool Graduation is serious business Mommy.

My Preschool Graduate. I wonder how crazy Kindergarten Graduation will be?!?


  1. Wow, I can’t believe he’s five either. 😀 Those were great pics! Our kids are just growing up way too fast! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaah!

  2. My own 5-year-old is also starting kindergarten in the fall. They grow up SO FAST!

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