Is the PAC like the Mob?

Seriously, is it like the Mob? I remember one line from the Godfather III, as Al  is standing in the kitchen, now old,  grey, haggard and just looking worn out.  Al Pacino’s dialogue starts with one of his classic rants as Michael, “Once they suck you in, you just can’t get out!!”.  Ok obviously my direct quoting is a little weak here but it went something like that.

Today is Kindergarten orientation. We are all going. The Man, my Mom/Grandma, and of course Easty. Dare we go without Easty and I will have to face the wrath of her wagging index finger, wagging at me. Oh yes, and we cannot forget our Kindergartner-to-be Jackson.

This is where we get to bring & introduce our KTB Jackson to the school and the teachers. Jackson goes into the classroom for an hour without us, and then we talk to the principal and others.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to KNOW which one will be his teacher but I joke that we will get the one that is rumoured to be not as understanding or nice as the other one. Personally, I want to see for myself before I claim that rumour to be true. I wonder if she will be wearing a sign that says the Mean one? Then we can all point & hiss!

This is where the Mob PAC comes in.  Maybe they will be the others? Today is also the Hazelgrove Fun Fair. The fair is on to raise funds for a playground. Can you believe it?! This school just opened for the 2009-2010 year and comes with 2 portables & NO playground. The joy of budget cuts, don’t let me start on that tangent. Lotto Max & private school here I come.

I am kind of excited as our PAC has twitter & facebook.  Could this be a good thing Martha or a bad thing? As I hear scary stories of fighting, clicks, and downright nastiness amongst PAC members.  Naturally, I am a little apprehensive about all of this.  Are we not all just here for the kids?

Well we will soon see. Oh goody, get to release the laugh on a new crop load of people.

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