Hazelgrove Fair

I may have had my concerns about the P.A.C. but I must say I was quite impressed with the fundraising fair that they held. 

We received a punch card of 10 for $7.50.  If you had purchased them earlier then they were only $5.00.  Most items were 2 or 3 punches.  The bouncy jungle and slide were only 1 punch.

Everyone was a winner at the games.

Ball Toss was fun. 

 Jackson rocked the Bean Bag toss.

They had tons of sidewalk chalk to use for free, while you were waiting to get your face painted.  Which was a necessity for hyper monkees. 

The face painters were amazing and at just 3 punches, completely worth the long tickle-fest wait. 

They were called A-Star Art Parlour and they were pretty awesome.  Not only did they do the best job I have ever seen but when Easty decided that she had wanted a complete face not just the little butterfly, the girl just asked us to wait until everyone was done and then fixed it for little Miss Attitude-E!  Also, some grouchy parents were totally giving them attitude and being really grumpy about not getting their child’s face painted. I told the guy that we had to wait twice for our turn so he should have waited in line earlier.  They took the snippy comments and still were really great with all the kids too.

Spiderman Jackson. Check out that smile!

The first butterfly.

Now the FINAL face painted butterfly.

Love how she kept her eye squinty closed for the WHOLE time. Thanks to the A-Star Art Parlour for being so understanding about a 2 year olds desire for a full butterfly face.

Easty rocked the Plinko.

So did Spiderman Jacksy.

We didn’t try the cake walk, as I didn’t want to win one.  We won free root beers from A&W and tried out the slide. We by-passed the bouncy jungle and ate our full share of hamburgers & veggie burgers.  The Man was the winner of a Silent Auction prize. So now we have the Sidney Crosby’s winning goal celebration with Team Canada to hang somewhere in the house.  I am hoping the Man takes it to the office.

It was just an awesome fair.  Good work Hazelgrove P.A.C.!


  1. Wowzers! That is possibly the biggest bouncy castle I have EVER seen!

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