Childrun 2010 Team Ella V

This was the 3rd year that Team Ella V participated in the 25th Annual ChildRun.  This year we didn’t get a team sign, they forgot to make one?! We arrived at 8am, only to search for an hour amongst the 6,000+ participants looking for the sign.  When we finally found our team we scrambled to put on our shirts and numbers, minutes before we had to run.

I had planned to do the usual 5km but instead Easty did it! Nah, she just wanted the purple number.  The 1km fun run was orange & Easty spied the purple before I realized it was mine.  I didn’t chicken out of the 5km, it’s just we had to go to my sister’s 1st baby, baby shower so I didn’t want to be rushed.  In the end, I did have enough time to run the 5km but I guess I had a girly moment and didn’t want to have to shower, change, apply makeup, all that primping fun stuff in a stressful, pressure time frame.  I get lazy on Sundays.  That’s my excuse. Heh.

The ChildRun is such a great family event.  There was a spooky fish guy on stilts, fireman handing out stickers, lots of children’s music, even a Snow White who sprinkled pixie dust on Easton & Jackson (J did not like that), colouring stations, inflatable climbers, and LOTS of great goodies for post-run eats.  Grapes. Apples. Bananas. Carrots. Bagels. Starbucks coffee. Pistachios. I love pistachios. Yum.  Unfortunately, so do the kids.  I was shelling pistachios like a mad-woman for all lil’ monkees.

This year Jackson ran holding hands with his BFF the whole way.  Easty & Ella teamed up to run one of the cutest 1km’s I have ever seen.  I kind of gotta a little teary this year watching them run into the final turn. Wow they had both gotten so big, they were both so healthy, these two were always the really little ones.  It definitely made me smile.  Ella has changed so much from the 1st year we had ran the ChildRun. Easty as well, she couldn’t even walk the first year we did it.

We left early this year but I think it was for the best.  The kids were exhausted.  I had to wake them up at 6am and try to feed them, clothe them, and deal with their groggy, emotional tantrums, and ridiculous demands.  You know those silly demands, where they ask to wear sandals in the rain instead of runners, just because. They. Have. To.

I always laugh that we end up parking farther away and walking more than what we ran for the event.  The Man still does not believe me that parking in the hospital is FREE for this event.  To him, hospital parking and free are never in the same sentence.

Great Job Team Ella V! We raised $2, 375.00. beating our goal of $2,000.00 this year.  Thanks for showing your support members!  This year our Team was smaller, but we also had some new members, plus our seasoned veterans.  In the end, it was a great event for an even greater cause.   

You can still donate to Team Ella V here.  It’s never too late to donate.

Some interesting facts that I learned this year:

There are more than 100 newly diagnosed cases of childhood cancer in the province each year?

More than 750 youngsters receive active treatment for cancer at BC Children’s Hospital every year?

BC Children’s Hospital is the only pediatric health centre and teaching hospital in BC, and the largest full-service child health centre in Canada?

I look forward to next year’s run and hopefully we will have a sign that I can LOOK for too.


  1. Awwwwwwwwww Easty looks so adorable with her purple badge on. I wish we could have gone with you guys. Next year we will have to do it. We do the run out here in Abbey, the boys this year raised money for Canuck Place instead.

    It’s a great cause. Trace is a children’s hospital baby and so the cause is always close to my heart for all the help and support children’s run donates to these facilities so they can help thousands of children each year.

    Great post!

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