Ventura-land for me.

Studio City may have Disneyland & Universal but I found my grown-up adult entertainment down Ventura Boulevard.

After a slightly nauseated ride up the hill towards my BFF’s place, where my driver Alex had to stop by the side of the rode as I had a panic attack that brought out all my hangover symptoms. I rummaged through my luggage desperate to locate my phone. Lifeline retrieved.

I soon learned that tiger balm when waved under your nose can relieve nausea JUST LIKE that.

I could just drive through LA gawking at all the houses. From the cute hacienda bungalows in Beverly Hills to the Mansions on Mulholland Drive all probably in the range of Never-In-My-Budget.

After a quick stop at my friend’s apartment to drop off luggage we hit up Rosco’s on Ventura for a quick bite. We each ordered a glass of wine. Four glasses of wine arrived. Guess what Happy Hour starts at 3:00pm and lasts until 7:00, that’s more like a Happy Afternoon than a Happy Hour.

Next stop was the local shoe store Lush, where this effervescent salesgirl named Ann was frantically babbling away in Russian to her girlfriend then blurting out in English to us about the HAWT black cop with greeny hazel eyes.

I laughed. Ann was astounded. I laughed more. Ann loved it. Hey this is LA surely there were people with crazy laughs similar to mine kicking around?!? Apparently not. So I say SHUTTY to all those individuals who swear I sound like Fran Drescher’s Nanny character.

I found the BEST gladiator sandal flats. *sigh* I am still so in love with them.

Then we strolled to get some wine and I mean strolled about five stores down.

At Flask they were having a wine tasting so we decided to partake.

I know NOTHING about wine absolutely NOTHING. It’s red, it’s white and if you mix them both you get pink?! I DO know that white wine will take out red wine. I am basically NOT a connoisseur but I was in for some wine. OH another fact, your supposed to spit it out after you taste, like that’s gonna happen. As we sat at the wine bar, both Chris & Chris set us up with a plate of crackers and some different cheese’s.


We were sampling some La Fenetre wines and the vineyard owner was just mulling about talking to all of us about it. You know, cause that happens every day at my local wine store. After my girl purchased her box full of wine we headed back to sample it.

I Love LA.

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