Mani-Pedi’s at the House of Monkee

Today I performed my first manicure and pedicure. I am not a trained esthetician but then again my client was only 2,  but going on 12.

This is not Easton’s first foray into the girly-world of makeup, nail polish, and lip gloss.

My Mom a.k.a Grandma has already applied the above upon her granddaughter.  I hear it is very hard to resist the cutesy faces of Easty.  I know that I am a sucker for them.  It just totally makes me laugh though. I recall being about 12 or 13, in grade 8 and wanting to wear makeup.

A resounding NO! came from my parents and could be heard around the world on that one. So instead I tortured them with my all black wearing, value village finding, crazy black preacher hat, and Depeche Mode music listening.  I remember my Dad walking behind me in Oakridge mall because he was so embarrassed.  My Dad couldn’t deny me my wardrobe though, as I paid for it all my myself. 

Today my daughter is dressed up in complete princess dress, princess tiara, and princess shoes sporting her new mani-pedi a la MonkeeMama. When did I get such a grown-up little 2 year old?! It seems that I went away for 7 days and WHAMMO she’s a little girl.

Lately, it feels like we are living in Munchkin land & I have the the chattiest munchkin of them all. Easty does not stop talking.  It’s like living with the play-by-play hockey commentators but it’s all about Easton in Easton’s world.  First thing in the morning she updates me on the nights events. 

E: I sleep by myself Mommy. I do. I am a big girl. Big girls go to school. I go to Jacksy’s school. Jacksy go to kindergarten.  I don’t go to kindergarten. I go to preschool.  My teacher is teacher Kal. Teacher Kal is Jacksy’s teacher.  Jacksy go to a different school. Jacksy not have teacher Kal at kindergarten. Jacksy have new teacher. WHERE’s JACKSY? Did Jacksy sleep by himself? Did Jacksy wet the bed. NO! Jacksy not wet the bed. Hahahahaha! Jacksy go in the potty. I go in the potty Mommy. Just like Jacksy. I go pee n’ poop in the potty. Do you pee n’ poop in the potty? Hahahahahaha! You poop Mommy! Hahahaha! I’m hungry.


Seriously. Easton does not stop talking unless she is eating, sleeping, or pooping. You know you have to concentrate when you are pooping.  Her vocabulary is amazingly clear. I am not bragging but in comparison to Jackson, she is leaps & bounds ahead of him.  Jackson was slower to acquire language and led to him being slower to put sentences together, slower finding words to explain situations, not below developmental but enough that I sought out a pediatric Speech Therapy.  Luckily, I work with many SLP’s , so instead of waiting two years for an evaluation , I got him in to an outpatient program to be evaluated.  He was always in his developmental range, just on the lower end. He is more than caught up now. Really I don’t know if the speech therapy helped all that much but it made me feel better that I was being proactive about it.

I feel that I am on the teeter-totter of language comparison because there really is no comparison.  It makes a world of difference when your little monkey can tell you exactly what they want instead of melting in a tantrum of frustration.  I definitely see why I got strange looks when Jacksy had his meltdowns because if I had started with a child like Easty, how could I really understand unless I went through it?

I am just LOVING both of them. Right. Now.


  1. My daughter is only 19 months and recently found my make-up drawer. She is VERY interested in it. I think I have a girly-girl on my hands too. 🙂

  2. Omg I can so relate to Jackson melt downs, we went through that with Trace, he talks well and speech has helped a lot but he’s so much smarter than what Jake was at four, but Jake was like Easton, no problem articulating his words or explaining anything. It’s funny when the kids are like night and day eh?

    I love this post. Love the way you write. You are wonderful, keep up the great work!

  3. Oh, they are adorable!! And I definitely know all about that two-year-old chatterbox stage. I swear somedays my oldest would not stop talking from the time he woke up to the time he went to bed!!

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