It’s Funny…

It’s funny how a little statement like:

“FINE! I’ll eat it then!” Can pack on a quick 10 pounds to your mid-section.

It drives me crazy when the lil’ monkeys request something to eat, then refuse to eat it due to some silly reason. Yesterday the crackers were cold or the other day they told me they didn’t like it/don’t want it.

Then WHY did you ask for it?!?!

It will be a quick drive to the cuckoo’s nest for me if they continue with this “stage”.

One thing about having an adult getaway is that I don’t have to eat anybody’s food, unless it’s my Man & myself sharing the HUMONGOUS size Montreal portions that they serve.

Our first stop in Montreal, Reuben’s on Ste. Catherine’s.

After this meal, I knew sharing would be in my future.

Crazy thing is that the portions may be monstrous in Montreal but the people are not?!?

Could they ALL be visiting.


  1. I try so hard NEVER to eat the food my kids refuse to eat. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard, especially when it's comething delicious, like, mac and cheese…

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