And It’s Over.

Just like that a whole week of hanging out with my McMoms & then they disappear into thin air.

I didn’t even REALLY get to say goodbye.

Highlights included:

Our geographically challenged but brilliantly styled entourage. They look like they pop out of a magazine EVERY day.

Cheering the Canucks to their playoff death at the ESPN bar at the opposing team hometown of Chicago.

Having my first Chicago style pizza and realizing that I wasn’t the only one to get Gut Bomb from it & realize that thin is really the way to go.

Hooptastic competitions at the ESPN bar.

Holding a lovely 3 month old baby and getting that old familiar smell of spit up on you & really loving it.

Beso & Koi. Fantastic food. Fantastic company. Fantastic laughs with everyone.

The picture of Laura & Kath with the HAWT waiter & all our goofy faces behind them.

Definitely LOVED the line “Do the ROAR!” Even though I knew about it before thanks to Scott.

The re-creation of River Phoenix’s death outside of the Viper Room. I KNOW we are so INSENSITIVE but it was hilarious at stupid AM with multiple vodka & soda’s coursing through my veins. The bouncer was amazingly cooperative.

Picture is still to come from Kath. Love ya you Ditch Pig! DP for short.

Now relaxing into some downtime with my BFF since I was 21, JoAnne.

Then my trip will conclude and I will have to say that I missed the Venice Beach medicinal marijuana doctors, the walk with Kath down Sunset to Hollywood Blvd. and getting to say goodbye to all the McMoms and entourage.

I still can’t believe that IT’S OVER. Although you CAN read about it here or even here.
I need to cry now.


  1. OMG. read this:


    I miss you already.

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