The BET.

It’s Stanley Cup playoff time. This means that the TV is always on, and 1040 sportstalk radio is always blasting commentary, and the Man is transfixed to his iPhone. The Man, of course, found an App that enables him to watch ALL the games on his iPhone. Plus he needs the Canucks App, and the TSN App with stats, RIGHT NOW.

The iPhone even shows up in bed with him lately. I might give it a woman’s name and then call her the OTHER WOMAN in his life.

We went to Game 2 against the Kings, and the Canucks lost in overtime. Kind of easy to do, when you have lost momentum and the Kings are on the Power Play.

I LOVE where we sit, Sec 323, Row 9, not quite the nosebleeds but damn close. Everybody is usually really into the game and there is always some sortof sideshow, hopefully not a violent fighting one, but always some GOOMBA entertaining us with their drunken foolishness. I once witnessed a guy sneeze into his hand, and then rub the UBER amounts of SNOT onto his pants. LOVELY.

This time it was REALLY chatty guys from LA. ALL they did, was contemplate Gretzky playing in LA, basketball, baseball but really NO hockey. They did not watch the game at all, it felt like they were regurgitating comments made from the ESPN updates that they had just watched. Chatty Charlie’s all night. I think they MAY have clapped when LA won.

They just wouldn’t SHUT UP.

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately, I keep wagering on my blog a lot lately.

How long before the lil’ monkeys bedroom sets are completed.

Update: So far there are still 3 boxes left, the 2 beds & the headboard for Easty’s. Oh yeah, I had to help. We raced to see who could finish their bedside tables first, see works with Husband’s as well as kids.

OK, checking back, maybe it was just once.

Last season my Man bought me a Pink Canucks Jersey. It still has the tags on it, even though we have been to a bazillion games since I got it. I am JUST NOT the type of girl who wears the pink jersey EVEN THOUGH it’s friggin adorable on Easty. And before you get all sappy & OooooO & AWWW that the Man thought of me, he only bought it because all his other friends at the time were buying them for their wives. I would also like to add that it was one of his suppliers WHO actually bought it. NO money changed hands from my Man to the vendor.

Last year, my Dad won for the Best Individual Canuck Fan in Hospice and the whole building. It was the only time my Dad actually called me on the phone, by himself. He knew we were going to a game, and wanted me to get more Canuck paraphernalia. So I bought him a flag and Mattias Ohlund’s Official Blue Canuck Jersey. I REALLY wanted them to make it all the way, as my Dad had bluntly stated that he guessed he wouldn’t get to see the Canucks with the Cup. Although I WANT them to win, I would be so sad that he missed by just one year.

When Dad passed away, my Mom gave us the jersey. All of my Man’s friends wear their Canuck’s jersey’s to the game, not my Man, he doesn’t like the attention. Seriously?!? Like anyone would actually even notice.

Here is the bet. If the Canucks make it to the next round of the playoffs and we get tickets to the game, we will rip the tags off, & BOTH wear OUR JERSEYS to the game.

This is WAY better… …THAN THIS.
There I said it. We will both uncomfortably wear our jerseys, which in my opinion is NOT as bad for him as it will be for me.
Wouldn’t you be MORE embarrassed to wear the Seahawks hat & shirt after the season they had. At least the Canucks made it to the playoffs.

I mean, have you seen the Puck Bunnies that wear this version of the jersey?!?!

But then again it may NOT be just the jersey. Heh.

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