Is Yelling the NEW Spanking?

I am loud. L-O-U-D. But when you put it together with two kids fighting over something, my voice gets even LOUDER. Unfortunately, my voice is so booming and decibel-y that it can easily turn into an almost kindof, sortof, WELL IT IS yelling.

I admit it. On the rare occassion, I have yelled at the kids to the point where even my Man has said

Your Scary

I HATE yelling. But it seems to be better than spanking, right?!?

Um NO & YES. Yes, I have yelled in anger but I have never uttered put downs or yelled things that I would regret later but I still feel just as guilty as if I would’ve swatted their behinds. Should I feel guilty? Especially when Easty is taking off from me in a parking lot?

I remember when both my brother and myself had set off my Dad. We joked that Mt. Vesuvius was about to erupt. We joked about it but it also helped us be conscious of doing something bad, as we did not want to disappoint our Dad.

Is yelling the new spanking?

I sometimes feel that it is very demeaning to be yelled at. I think it defeats the kids spirits and makes them feel bad, when really it is just a possible combination of bad-timing and frustration on the parents/our behalf.

Also, when I yell, I apologize after. I don’t want the children to think that if you do something wrong, an apology will solve everything. Now if I yell, I yell but do not apologize as it sends mixed messages.

Our new tactic: We whisper. When we start getting mad, we start talking so low that they actually have to lean in to hear us. Usually they also respond in a whisper, so it does create a lot of smiles amongst all of us.

OK you gotta yell when your child it running into the busy alley where you can’t see them or in a parking lot at the local Walmart surrounded by Goomba drivers, who are definitely NOT looking for a pint-sized 2 year old to be wandering the lot. I am still going to yell on those occassions but I am vowing to keep the frustration yelling to a near zero and continue to whisper in the future.

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