Is It True What They Say?

Is it true what they say?

They say when you or your family member is stricken by illness, EVERYBODY is very willing to help and very understanding, when it first happens.

But when you really need them, when the newness goes, does everyone else go to?

I thought no way! Not our tight group of mom friend’s, we are going to have staying power! Maybe I was wrong.

Almost 3 years ago, my friend’s daughter Ella was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma about the same time my Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I always believed that Ella and my Dad had an understanding that no one else could.

Ella underwent her chemotherapy & drugs & all that comes with it and is a happy, healthy, awesome kid. Ella is just waiting to get her line removed, but once that is done, it will hopefully be last of it, but maybe not. When you are diagnosed at 2 1/2, and undergo intensive chemo, they do not know the effects that it may have on her future health and development. She may need hospital care in the future.

Children’s hospital was were she received her care and every year we run for Team Ella V. The first year, we actually WON an award for the most money raised.

This year, well this year, everybody seems to be slipping through the cracks and is non-committal to Team Ella V.


I always felt it was the ONE bonding thing us Clover/Langley/Surrey Moms did together because we all didn’t know what to do, but we knew we could do this. I know that some of us have had second children, some of us are not as close anymore, but just because Ella is OK now, does that mean we should ruin a GREAT TRADITION that was started for such a GREAT REASON?!?

I say NO.

Are we all really THAT busy?

If you want to join or donate follow this link. I hope to see you guys there.
Join Team Ella V.

Donate to my page. Naomi Jesson. Chris’s page. Jackson’s page.or even Easton’s page.

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