Girl’s Day & Boy’s Day

Every so often, I get all into my Japanese heritage. It all came about when I commented on my friend’s blog, Ali, that Japanese were Oriental not Asian. I believe it is because of the Pearl of the Orient seas, so anything that touches the Pearl of the Orient seas is Oriental. That would also make individuals from the Phillipines and Korea oriental too. So should I just stick to Asian? But on census forms I usually check Oriental? As they have both. But then individuals from India are classified as East Asian but not Oriental?

Heritage confusion aside, and back to point of this post.

We were stranded with no babysitter this Friday. All our resources were dried up, and we were left with two tickets to Game 5 of a 2-2 tied series between the Canucks vs. Kings. So we decided Friday morning, before we found out we DID have 2 options for a babysitter, that the Man would take Jackson to the game.

VERY OLD SPOILER ALERT: Canucks spanked the Kings and lead the series 3-2.

Knowing that Easty would be upset, I decided that I would tell her we were doing a special GIRL’S night, that only us GIRL’S could do, and oh yeah Daddy is taking Jacksy to the hockey game.

It worked BRILLIANTLY, she basically pushed them out the door, anxious to see what we were doing for girl’s day.

There is a tradition in Japanese culture where you honour your children.

There is usually a Girl’s day, it is called Hina Matsuri or it is more commonly know as the Hina doll festival. These very elaborate Emperor and Empress dolls that are usually passed down from generation to generation of girl’s, are displayed in an alcove of your family home. On this day families with young daughters celebrate this event at home to ensure their daughter’s future happiness. The dolls are so unbelieveably beautiful, I have always wanted one, and my Mom has always wanted to find me one. Peach blossoms, symbolizing a happy marriage, are indispensable decorations of this festival day. The blossoms signify the feminine traits – of gentility, composure and tranquility.

Then there is a Boys’s day or now what they call a Children’s festival, it is called Tango-no-Sekku, this is when another type of doll, more of a warrior figure is displayed. It represents Kintaro, a Herculean boy who grew up to be a general named Shoki, whowas believed to protect people from devils and Momotaro the Japanese ; Shoki, an ancient Chinese general believed to protect people from devils; and Momotaro, the Japanese “David the Giant Killer”.

Also, a carp is flown for each son in the family, a very large one for the eldest, the others ranging down in size.

The carp has become the symbol of the Boys’ Festival because the Japanese consider it the most spirited of fish, so full of energy and power that it can fight its way up swift-running streams and cascades. That’s Jackson. Because of its strength and determination to overcome all obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals. The carp is an appropriate symbol to encourage manliness and the overcoming of life’s difficulties leading to consequent success.

I figured we are doing our own little version of this festival. We have always tried to have special time with Jackson, being he was older and more aware that he had to share his parents, so one-on-one time was very important for him. Now that Easty is older, it is also important that she feels special as well.

We ended up eating dinner at Milestone’s, where her curly fries became snakes. She is my girl as adores watercress dip with fries, and couldn’t get enough ice in her water. Easty loved the cloth napkins, and hates sticky hands and her face. It is really quite shocking how NEAT she is, considering we always call her our little “pigpen” from Charlie Brown. Not to her face or anything, but she has a habit of looking all disheveled, could be her flyaway curly, wispy hair doesn’t help
We ended up at Chapters, reading storybooks in the castle, and bringing home a five-pack of the Fancy Nancy readers. Easty has adored them, ever since she got them for Christmas from Grandma.

All the while, I kept getting texts from the Man.

Jacksy couldn’t believe there were TWO zamboni’s to clean the ice.
Jacksy spotted the Green guys and thinks that they are funny.
Jacksy swung his towel so hard it hit me in the eye.
Jacksy lost his hat about 3 rows down. No worries. Got it back.
Jacksy can’t stop Woooing.

Personally, I just don’t know if those green spandex suits leave all that much to the imagination. Why would anyone want to watch the game threw non-breathable fabric?! All while standing on their heads for entertainment?!
And I am SO sorry BUT I can’t stop looking in the *AHEM* unit area.

All in all a good girl’s and boy’s day. I think this will be a continuing tradition in the MonkeyJesson abode.

I think for our next girl’s day, we should get our nails done.

To be honest: They are both so different one-on-one and it is REALLY a pleasure to take them out. Now, now, no don’t read into it. It is a pleasure always, but you know what I mean, they are great together, but I guess separately, they know the focus is on them.

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