Easter Sunday Equals Hockey, EH?!

This last Sunday I took my Mom to a hockey game. Yes girls love hockey too.

Which was thoroughly apparent as my Mom was WOOO-ing it up with the best of them at the Canucks vs. Ducks game on Sunday. For those of you who don’t know, after every Canuck goal the announcer gives the goal scorer & assist details and then proceeds to go WOOOOOO! What is awesome about going to the game with my Mom, she can call the game with the best of them, she knows all the referee signs and called most of the icing’s before the linesman, much to the disbelief of the beer-drinking hockey experts next to us.

I never realized it had probably been years since she had seen a game because she always went with my Dad.

Going to hockey games with Mom rocks. She loved Stepho’s, our pre-game meal, and then ALSO loved looking in the kitchen and organizing stores on Davie St. as well. We were actually early, which is not something that occurs with the Man. I now know that the doors do not open until an hour before the game, and that they love to line you up like cattle in the cold wind, while the play the torturous message about smoking being only allowed in certain areas with no in-n-out privileges, EVERY minute starting 15 minutes before the gates open.

I am a rink rat. I grew up chasing pucks at all the best rinks, we thoroughly enjoyed the North Shore Winter Club because you could actually play some real games like ping pong, instead of chase the puck around the rink to stay warm game. I mean 8rinks used to be only 4rinks and the only warm area was the pub and being a kid meant hanging out in the cold rink, begging your parents for hot chocolate to keep warm. My Mom hung out in the cold with us, cheering on my Dad, every time. Hence we have rink blood, we both prefer temperatures to be cooler as we can easily overheat indoors. My Mom was right there for all the hockey escapades, she was with us as Dad played for at least 3 teams, coached minor hockey, and then cheered on my Brother when he played competitive hockey.

One thing I love about going with my Mom is that she notices the most simplest things and she doesn’t mind if I make her pose with it.

It says “Aging is inevitable. Getting old doesn’t have to be.”

When Kesler scored the empty netter, she didn’t get all anxious to get out of the arena, she knew that anything can happen, and we watched the WHOLE game, it ain’t over until it’s over. Good thing too, as the Ducks came back to tie it up in the last two minutes, which resulted in 4 on 4 overtime.

Good thing we scored a quick overtime winner. I really wanted the first game my Mom went to without my Dad, to be one in which we WIN.

Thanks Sami.

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