Easter Bunny Drama’s

Me: You better go to bed, on your own, or the Easter Bunny isn’t going to come.

As soon as it slipped outta my mouth, I wanted to delete it immediately. Oh Gawd! Did I just say that. First off, if the EB didn’t come, the Aunts & Uncles & Grandma’s certainly will, so really that was just a false, spineless threat.

A tactic of last resort which I am SO trying not to do, even though it comes from that unconscious, you know the one, that you dig deep into when you are tired and fed up. It comes from the experiences that you might have had as a child and vowed, sweared, back and forth, and up & down, that you were not going to do. That was when you were the PERFECT PARENT, before you actually had any real children or when they were still in utero. Nobody usually wants to parent the way their parents parented, back in the day, and as a child you knew it wasn’t necessarily effective, but as a parent we are WAY more enlightened now, right?!? Heh.

It seems that not only do I do the ultimatum, it really just doesn’t work. They continue to exceed the boundaries set out for them because they know the Easter Bunny will come, and so will Santa Claus.

We have decided NOT to do the ultimatum with things that cannot be changed like Santa & Easter Bunnies, etc. It is very effective with toy throwing, you throw the toy you do not get to play with it anymore.

Simple idea. Putting it to practice when you are tired, PMS’d, sleep deprived, much tougher but it can be done, it just takes that LOVELY patience thingy.

Well nobody said parenting was going to be easy.

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